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Who: Locke and Celes
What: Terrorism!
When: As the plague is taking hold
Where: Zeon military port
Warnings: Terrorism!

With the plague gripping Zeon, the soldiers were out in force containing riots and keeping the peace. That made it easy for a certain someone who is part of a semi-secret organization devoted to bringing down Zeon to sneak in and set fire to boats. Lots of boats. Warboats, in fact. They're burning pretty good, as it turns out!
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He wouldn't get that chance.

Every good soldier knew that, when cornered, a mouse will fight back. The last few bits of ice, instead of forming around him, gathered at his feet, followed by more, encasing them in ice. Reaching as her attack meant to pin him in place, she deflected both blades with her own before feinting behind him, sword still at the ready to strike if need be.
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So that was his trick, the plucky bastard had a shard of magicite. But two could play at that game. Off hand falling to her side, she stared Locke down coolly, not budging.


A cold wind blew and what looked to be snow began to fall. The wind quickly picked up, the snow picking up in speed, blowing directly toward the thief, obstructing his vision. Running into the storm would prove to be foolish as well, as both wind and ice cut into him, the air bitingly cold.