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Who: Locke and Celes
What: Terrorism!
When: As the plague is taking hold
Where: Zeon military port
Warnings: Terrorism!

With the plague gripping Zeon, the soldiers were out in force containing riots and keeping the peace. That made it easy for a certain someone who is part of a semi-secret organization devoted to bringing down Zeon to sneak in and set fire to boats. Lots of boats. Warboats, in fact. They're burning pretty good, as it turns out!
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Celes happened to be checking up on the docks, albeit with a somewhat smaller entourage and choosing to wear more civilian fatigues as she had in the last few weeks so as to blend in. So when the first boat exploded into flames, she was quick to act, barking out orders to try to salvage what they could before too much damage was done.

Before any of her troops could protest, she was off, hood over her head. Se kept to the shadows, looking for any sign of gatherings. They wouldn't be far, and with how brazen they had been lately, she was almost positive that at least a few of the Returners would be around to admire their handiwork. Hopefully the one in charge, if she could be so lucky.