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Who: Locke and Celes
What: Terrorism!
When: As the plague is taking hold
Where: Zeon military port
Warnings: Terrorism!

With the plague gripping Zeon, the soldiers were out in force containing riots and keeping the peace. That made it easy for a certain someone who is part of a semi-secret organization devoted to bringing down Zeon to sneak in and set fire to boats. Lots of boats. Warboats, in fact. They're burning pretty good, as it turns out!
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Celes happened to be checking up on the docks, albeit with a somewhat smaller entourage and choosing to wear more civilian fatigues as she had in the last few weeks so as to blend in. So when the first boat exploded into flames, she was quick to act, barking out orders to try to salvage what they could before too much damage was done.

Before any of her troops could protest, she was off, hood over her head. Se kept to the shadows, looking for any sign of gatherings. They wouldn't be far, and with how brazen they had been lately, she was almost positive that at least a few of the Returners would be around to admire their handiwork. Hopefully the one in charge, if she could be so lucky.
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It seemed a little too good to be true, but regardless Celes picked up the pace, tailing this person that was all to eager to flee the scene.
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If he got the chance.

Celes would make that exceedingly hard for him, an ice spell zinging past him and hitting the wall, blocking the way. She would do the same thing each time he attempted to dart away, chasing like a cat would a mouse.
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She would not be the feared general that she was if she wasn't prepared. Parrying his blade with an equally unique-looking sword of her own, she continued in hot pursuit. She continued to shoot spells in his direction, throwing ice spells like daggers.
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The ice daggers melted as they flew, the spell catching her completely off-guard. She had not expected such a riffraff to know magic, and that alone tipped her off at least a bit; this must have been one of their head honchos. While not quick enough to absorb his attack, she was able to dodge both, though not without widening the gap between the two of them.

But she could be crafty as well. Knowing that she would not catch up with him at that rate, she instead darted off, out of sight. She had painstakingly mapped out every part of this city that she could, and knew just about every short cut or vantage point. She knew he wouldn't lead her to his hideout, but if she could just catch him off-guard...
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The dagger would meet with thin air, his pursuer long gone. As Locke landed on the roof, however, he would be met with a barrage of ice, falling around him like the bars of a cage. The blond landed quickly thereafter, having just launched herself from the neighboring roof. She barely touched the ground before she set off again, running full-tilt toward the thief should he elude her again.
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He wouldn't get that chance.

Every good soldier knew that, when cornered, a mouse will fight back. The last few bits of ice, instead of forming around him, gathered at his feet, followed by more, encasing them in ice. Reaching as her attack meant to pin him in place, she deflected both blades with her own before feinting behind him, sword still at the ready to strike if need be.
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So that was his trick, the plucky bastard had a shard of magicite. But two could play at that game. Off hand falling to her side, she stared Locke down coolly, not budging.


A cold wind blew and what looked to be snow began to fall. The wind quickly picked up, the snow picking up in speed, blowing directly toward the thief, obstructing his vision. Running into the storm would prove to be foolish as well, as both wind and ice cut into him, the air bitingly cold.