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Who: Those who are a part of the ground forces here.
What: Pre-battle and during battle fights against firedrakes, their mounts, and their camp.
When: June 14th-15th our time
Where: Raider Camp in the West
Warnings: All the things that come with action movies; blood, violence, cursing, etc

[Remember the plan laid out here. Revan will hold a briefing once all forces are gathered to make sure various groups know what to do in the fight without stepping on the toes of everyone else. He's looking for cooperation, not big-damn-hero syndrome. You know what you need to do so get to it.]
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Re: Battle Proper

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Crusade company, forward! [ Loken points the way with drawn Gladius, letting the heavily armored and armed infantry troopers that make up the majority of the company file into ranks at his side. ]