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Who: Those who are a part of the ground forces here.
What: Pre-battle and during battle fights against firedrakes, their mounts, and their camp.
When: June 14th-15th our time
Where: Raider Camp in the West
Warnings: All the things that come with action movies; blood, violence, cursing, etc

[Remember the plan laid out here. Revan will hold a briefing once all forces are gathered to make sure various groups know what to do in the fight without stepping on the toes of everyone else. He's looking for cooperation, not big-damn-hero syndrome. You know what you need to do so get to it.]
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Pre-Battle - Night Before

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[ No speeches from Loken tonight. This isn't his command. The Crusade company looks more heavily laden than normal, though strange new wards are crusted on their shields, and a keen eye can tell some of them are carrying man-pack siege weapons, mostly two man ballistae or bolt-throwers. He's obviously banking on engaging forces at range, even with the vanguard.

That being said, he does approach Revan, and says.

Tell me again how you want me to dispose the Crusade Company. I would make no mistake in this battle.

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You have an interesting definition of glory. [ Garviel thinks back to the Escalade assault where the 10th and the War Hounds suffered so grievously when the Knights of the brotherhood mined the breach, and his expression grows distant, and quite flat. ]

I'll undertake the assault as ordered, and will do my best to force their hand, and lure them into the skies. As for capturing the mounts.... I'm afraid the extra materiel I requested before this undertaking is sub-optimal for that. We're more likely to kill a few of them, but I don't suppose that is too big a problem as long as we aren't slaying them all, and I certainly won't have my men interfere with your capture efforts.

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Understood. Any other instructions?

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You don't think they might provide valuable intelligence? [ Loken looks honestly perplexed by the idea of not taking humans prisoner when possible. They can always be re-educated later, after all. ]

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It is your command to make, but information is victory. [ With that boring quote of the Codex Astartes, Garviel shrugs. ]

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I'll see to my men.
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Re: Pre-Battle - Night Before

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[Before anything else though, Utena needs a mage. She's asking around the camp for one.]
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[Depending on who Utenta talked to, some of them might have pointed out Tyrnen who tried to keep to himself and out of the way. He was a thin and small teenager, the sort of person you would never expect to see on a battle field. However he had offered his skills in magic to the fight, so he tried to listen to what everyone might have to say before the final day.]
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[Utena softens at the sight of their young mage. He reminded her of...what was his name...Miki, somehow.]

Hi there.
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[He looks up slowly, unsure of why anyone was approaching him.]


[He paused for a moment before adding a bit more.]

May I help you?
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Hi, ah...I need help. I need a magician to say an incantation me draw a sword.
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[He tilted his head a bit unsure if he was understanding the words. Individually they made sense, but somewhere along the way of putting them together he felt lost.]

Draw a sword? I'm not sure I quite understand. Like conjure a sword?