02 April 2012 @ 07:12 pm
Who: Rulers, Diplomats, Magistrates and other talky folk
Where: Imperial Castle, Throne Room
What: Holding Court, political intrigues, talking smack, standard stuff
When: Generally throughout Spring Court
Warnings: Bitchiness

In the eyes of the Emperor, battles - if necessary - were fought with words. )
26 March 2012 @ 12:08 am
Women's Bracket -- Raisa vs. Katina  
Who: Raisa and Katina
Where: Imperial City
When: Whenever the second round of the Spring Court Tournament goes
Warnings: Violence

One fight behind her, and Raisa was feeling fairly confident of herself. Much more so than she had coming into this beorc festival, when she was all wound up with nerves—even intimidated, as un-laguz and disgraceful as that thought was.

But no longer. It’s with that new confidence that she strides out into the sands, carrying with her neither weapon nor armor—not anything but a set of simple clothes and well-traveled sandals. Her tail betrayed her new anticipation, however, swishing faster than her steps.

“Beorc! Will you not come to fight today?”

Perhaps not all of these non-laguz traditions were nonsense after all.
24 March 2012 @ 11:18 pm
Men's Bracket: Rider vs Skrimir  
Who: Skrimir and Luca Blight/Rider
Where: Imperial City
What: Spring Court tournament, round one
When: Whenever the tournaments start
Warnings: Violence

It did not matter that he stood in a human area, deep in a human city. It did not matter that Skrimir stood out so much that the blind could spot him. The only thing that mattered was the pure thrill, that beloved anticipation of battle. The young lion itched for blood. He would have restraint, of course; there was no need to kill his opponent when both the rules and the Rhya forbade it.

It was time to crush bone and rend metal and flesh, and show this human city that Skrimir was a proud laguz. Passing up this opportunity to test himself against the best warriors the beorc could offer simply wasn't possible. Drawn arrogantly to his full height, Skrimir easily shouted over the noise of the crowd to the other side of the arena.

"I've waited long enough! Do not make wait any longer! Come, warrior, and fight me! I look forward to crushing you under my claws!"

And to punctuate his challenge, Skrimir roared; a thunderous, piercing sound, even outside of his transformed state.
23 January 2012 @ 06:30 pm
Wedding Planning  
WHO: Light Yagami and Char Aznable
WHERE: The Imperial City
WHAT: Arranging a marriage

Light sipped tea at an upscale Cafe in the Noble's District of the Imperial City. )