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Viridi ([personal profile] forceofnature) wrote in [community profile] imperial_stage 2012-07-10 03:43 am (UTC)

[The first bomb had been dropped. The earth had at last displayed the true extent of its fury, long pent up for the countless crimes it had borne in silence for so many years. Gaia had spoken. She had demanded change. Not just for her own sake, but for the sake of every single form of life that claimed Dagaria as its home, plants, animals, beastmen, and yes, even humans alike. The will of the earth had never made itself known more plainly than during this time, not since the beginning of creation itself when the gods had first breathed life into their children.

Of course, perhaps there might have been a more diplomatic means of announcing it.

Regardless, the deed was done. And as Viridi had promised to her most faithful child, she would not stop until the humans learned to revere nature like they ought. In times long past, all of creation had lived in harmony, coexisting, no one species dominating over the others. Harmony was not peace, but even so, the delicate balance of nature had been flawlessly observed. And she had been pleased.

The sole desire of the goddess was to see things restored. To the way they were. The way they were meant to be. And on this sacred day, under the light of the half-moon, with the respect and reverence for the earth hanging nearly tangibly in the air...

The trees shiver as a cool wind makes its way through the woods. The breeze is refreshing. It carries with it a certain scent... Of blossoms in spring, of rich earth and morning dew, of rain newly fallen and wood freshly cut.

The goddess of nature is present. And with the destruction of the raiders and the honor being paid unto her... she is satisfied.]

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