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The Awen Moot

Who: Taryn Shadow-Walker, any members of Awen and visiting fellows
What: The Moot aka Awen Court
When: Backdated to the night of June 27th because I suck (half moon)
Where: Alilany
Warnings: there will be some combat and bloodshed

Notes: Here is a reference for how Moots are done in the Werewolf: the Apocalypse canon that Taryn is based off of. There are some differences, like being held on the half moon instead of full moon and the structure is a lot looser. Anyone that ICly looked into what a 'moot' is will find some very old tales mentioning wolf 'beastmen' and how they would gather every month to reaffirm themselves. And that's about it.

Alilany was always a rustic, peaceful city in Lerrian, full of beastmen, fae and some humans. Very tribal with little technology, more magic, and sense of home to any that were able to relax in the forests that surrounded the capital of Awen. Even the Warders, the special beastmen guard the capital were rarely seen, blending into the environment easily. But with the Moot, it was different.

Now, the spiritual center that Alilany was became more pronounced as the shamans went about cleansing the city and preparing it, as if the receive Gaia herself. Who knew, perhaps Mother Earth would grace the Moot with her presence. Earthy music filtered through the air - drums and pipes, but mostly drums - and the large clearing in the center of the city was ready for those who wished to participate in the Moot - be it spiritual communication, airing of grievances, petitions to the Ar-Righ, or simply the Revel at the end. The Warders were far more visible, meeting and greeting any foreign dignitaries that chose to attend. Weaponry was allowed at the Moot, for only a fool would draw their weapon at a Moot outside of formal challenge, so there was no need to ban them. Awen was, after all, a strong nation if small.

There was no throne in the clearing for the Ar-Righ to sit upon. No, that wasn't how Taryn or her lineage did things. Instead, there was a large boulder containing some of the gemstones from Arird to the southern end of the clearing, big enough to serve a similar function as a throne, with torches on either side and trophies from the battle with the Raiders on display. In the very center of the clearing was an impressive bonfire, easily controlled by the shamans nearby. Musicians to one side, others were seated on the ground or standing around and there was no specific place for the foreign dignitaries. If they were expecting special seating, they wouldn't find any favor, though if they moved to position themselves close to the rock, Taryn would have room made for them.

With a loud howl that carried and echoed off the trees, Taryn called the Moot with the ceremonial tribute. Beastmen of all sorts raised their voices to join her, howling, growling, warbling and even some of the humans mimicked the wolf's howl. The drums and other music faded so all that could be heard was the beautiful chorus of the people of Awen calling out to the land. After a few seconds, the Opening Howl ended and there was silence save for the crackling of the bonfire and any quiet muttering from those visiting that didn't know what to expect.
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[The first bomb had been dropped. The earth had at last displayed the true extent of its fury, long pent up for the countless crimes it had borne in silence for so many years. Gaia had spoken. She had demanded change. Not just for her own sake, but for the sake of every single form of life that claimed Dagaria as its home, plants, animals, beastmen, and yes, even humans alike. The will of the earth had never made itself known more plainly than during this time, not since the beginning of creation itself when the gods had first breathed life into their children.

Of course, perhaps there might have been a more diplomatic means of announcing it.

Regardless, the deed was done. And as Viridi had promised to her most faithful child, she would not stop until the humans learned to revere nature like they ought. In times long past, all of creation had lived in harmony, coexisting, no one species dominating over the others. Harmony was not peace, but even so, the delicate balance of nature had been flawlessly observed. And she had been pleased.

The sole desire of the goddess was to see things restored. To the way they were. The way they were meant to be. And on this sacred day, under the light of the half-moon, with the respect and reverence for the earth hanging nearly tangibly in the air...

The trees shiver as a cool wind makes its way through the woods. The breeze is refreshing. It carries with it a certain scent... Of blossoms in spring, of rich earth and morning dew, of rain newly fallen and wood freshly cut.

The goddess of nature is present. And with the destruction of the raiders and the honor being paid unto her... she is satisfied.]