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Char Aznable (MSG: Char's Counterattack) ([personal profile] thirdtimesthechar) wrote in [community profile] imperial_stage 2012-08-02 03:12 pm (UTC)

Char meets Nobunaga's stare with his own, watching the man like a wolf who'd just found another alpha male wandering into his territory, appraising relative size, meanness, and probable level of hunger. Nobunaga even struck Char as looking like a bit of a wolf with that out-of-fashion beard of his.

He relaxes into his usual fake smile soon enough, though. "A fair deal, Regent Nobunaga," he says, picking the safest - albeit definitely lowest - title he could apply to the situation.

"You might not be aware, but your kingdom and mine signed some extensive trade agreements during the spring. A part of that was to be a request for an Imperial highway to be constructed through Kedyrien and Jergeth, connecting our holdings in Chaodan to Sawa's cities around Lake Ibenna. It's an ambitious project, but I'm sure the benefits are immediately obvious."

Aside from connecting Zeon to their - at present - ally and giving an open road from Chaodan almost straight to the Imperial City, after all, such a highway would be independent of Bradley's infernal rail system.

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