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The Pen and the Sword

Who: Char and Light
What: Discussing the state of Sawa's monarchy
When: During summer court
Where: A dingy but secure back room in Imperial City

Officially, Char wouldn't arrive in the capital for another two days, thanks to his sidetrip to that Crystal King-forsaken island and his stated desire to travel overland, bringing his entry for the Air Race. Unofficially, he had pressing business with the brains behind the Left Hand of the Emperor that needed to be conducted in secrecy. Thus, arriving in a third of the time expected via Waypoint, Char made his way incognito to an obscure, neutral, and most importantly easily secured tavern in one of the poorer parts of Imperial City. He wore plain merchants' clothes and his shaded glasses, brought only one guard, also disguised, and ignored the usual wave of disgust that the cleanliness of even 'the poorer parts' of the imperial capital gave him. There were more important matters to attend to, like determining who was actually ruling Sawa, and thus half of the Empire, today.

Char gains himself admittance to the pre-arranged conference room with a nod and a tip of his cap to the mute bartender, intuition telling him Light was probably already here. He dismisses his guard at the door to the back room, and enters.
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Light was also disguised as a minor bureaucrat down on his luck, drinking away his troubles. The astute observer, however, would notice that much more of the alcohol was on the table than in Light.
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Light waves Char to a seat, making a show of warmly welcoming him and his purse.

"Gone," he murmurs. "He's disappeared. I suspect he may no longer be with us."
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"Oda Nobunaga. He had no love for Mitsunari and has already moved to take control of Sawa."
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"Unfortunately. He has implied that he may have overcome death, although I don't know if he's carrying stories. While I don't know of any confirmed stories of someone actually escaping death, if someone were to do it it would certainly be that man. He's established a firm hold on much of Sawa, and has been extending his influence to Mitsunari's claims on the throne."
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"I've sent my sister away to Rome. I will continue to serve in Sawa. And I will bring that madman down."

Light delivers this line with dread certainty.
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"That's the trouble. The highest ranking members of Sawa are Waka and myself, and neither of those options is good for the rulership of Sawa. I may look into a general election, or something similar. If Mitsunari is dead, we have no proper nobility to take the throne, or at least none that I care to see take it."