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cannibal biker librarians

Who: Evangeline and Xykon.
What: A quasi-burglary.
When: During Evangeline's world tour, after Xykon's rampage in Rome.
Where: Xykon's Tower
Warnings: Probably... none...?

The problem with looking for rare and precious magical information was that, oh so often, it was not interred in the great libraries or universities or academies of magic where all could learn from it. A great many mages still preferred to remain true to the old ways and selfishly guard every last scrap of unique knowledge for the advantage it conferred. Which meant, of course, that when the public venues of learning had been exhausted Evangeline was forced to begin making potentially awkward house calls. Why yes, four centuries ago your great-grandfather did treat with a certain dark mage of legend, no she hadn't left out any 'greats', he'd studied esoterica for a reason, no that didn't make her a relation what the hell did you take her to mean no she didn't want money, just...

A certain book.

Usually it was easier to steal. Sometimes she did. But she did despite herself sometimes wonder how the fortunes of lines - whether of blood or tradition - she had crossed with many generations ago had turned, and visited in something resembling peace. Usually she found them much diminished. The mages she had bothered to associate with as such in her youth had invariably been both powerful and highly... independent... in their thought. There was a lot of room to fall there, and a lot of time in which to do it. Most saw her as no more than a vagabond asking after valuable family heirlooms. Some few realized what or even who she was, and with these things became interesting, in one fashion or another. And of those there were some that in fact remembered the old debts between them. If not always happily.

Some, of course, were not there to find. The line had ended or disappeared or abandoned its past so thoroughly she would not have anything to do with them. Or, as the case might have it, been destroyed some upstart lich just a scant few years before she had need of them.

Which meant, if nothing else, that she had to not only disable all the wards herself, but search for the damn book. Such private collections could gather incredible amounts of dust, it was true, and might appear to their inheritors truly timeless, but over enough centuries things got moved around.
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"You're in luck, this is the day when jolly old Uncle Xykon has taken total leave of his senses and elects to trust the random girl who broke into his library to adhere to a verbal agreement," the lich said flatly. "Sorry, kid, but when it comes to laughingstocks, I have a strict 'create, not become' policy."
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"Fun way. Still Burning Hands."

A cone of fire burst out of him, engulfing several of the strings as it washed towards Eva. Xykon, meanwhile, started half-ripping, half-brushing off strings where the one's he'd ignited gave him some leeway.

"That spell needs a different name when it has no somatic component."
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As Xykon casts Burning Hands, two things happen in immediate succession.

First, the shelves suddenly glow with arcane energy. Evangeline? Good luck getting through the glowing force that is now covering them - and which neatly reflects some of the fire from Xykon's spell, sending it around some corners.

Second, and perhaps more obviously (somehow), a very loud alarm goes off.


Immediately, a goblin with a distinctive red cloak and a holy symbol around his throat bolted into view.

"... Oh, great. Intruders."
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Like Xykon was going to waste time protecting Redcloak? Hell, the spell doesn't even bother him -- the ice slams into him and utterly fails to harm his skeletal body in the slightest. Undead racial traits, you know.

"Hey!" he sputtered, as he picked himself up out of a pile of rubble. "Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a stonemason that'll work for a lich and and a goblin army? Not that I do, but hey, principle of the thing. Lightning Bolt!"

Heedless of collateral damage, the lich discharges a blast of electricity at the girl.
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"Control your fire, Lord Xykon! We can't afford to let this place take too much damage!"

Immediately, Redcloak dropped down through the gap Evangeline had created.

"Hold Person!", he shouts, facing Evangeline and hoping to stop her from moving or attacking more.
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"Ordinarily I'd fine with you and Redcloak having a mighty battle of your blatant evocations versus his not-particularly-impressive save-or-dies while I placed side bets with the demon cockroaches, but using him as a shield just annoys me. Mostly because I don't appreciate my complete lack of concern for his hit points being deliberately used to try to make me kill him. Maximized Magic Missile."

The five force globes burst free from his gesturing hand to swoop around the goblin, aiming unerringly for Eva.

"Also I haven't seen the cockroaches in forever."
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"That is kinda odd, now that you mention it."

As Evangeline moved in, Redcloak tried to move back - melee was very much not his strong suit.

Odd, though. Now that he thought about it, that spell should've been strong enough to stop any young humanoid. Which meant this wasn't a humanoid.

Time for a guess. Quickly placing his hand against his unholy symbol, Redcloak shouted, "REBUKE UNDEAD!"

As he spoke, a wave of dark energy washed in Evangeline's direction. Notably, very much not anywhere near Lord Xykon's direction. Redcloak knew better than to even seem to be aiming in the lich's direction with this.
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"They're only delusions if you AREN'T an archvillain. Also you need a refresher on the basic idea that magic missile is an all-purpose reliable attack spell!"

Xykon waved a hand, summoning a Resilient Sphere with intent to trap Eva in it. Not that he expected it to last a round, he figured it'd be eating a targeted dispel in short order, but if it bought a moment for Redcloak to get off his ass and stop being a damage sponge, it accomplished its purpose.
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The missiles, naturally, struck Redcloak, knocking him back a good distance.

She reacted to the Rebuke Undead somewhat. Probably intelligent, meaning most likely she's a vampire. Which also means she doesn't have a lot of advantages on Xykon. Unfortunately, it doesn't leave me a lot, either. I'll have to save my remaining ace.

Sliding along the ground a few feet, Redcloak groaned. "Who are you, anyways?"
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"Sounds vaguely familiar," Xykon said, stepping forward. "Something about Impacts and a bunch of teenagers that are relentlessly screwed up despite being the alleged only fate of mankind?

"I might be thinking of something different, here."
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"... Ah."

Redcloak stood up. "A some centuries old vampiress. Wouldn't think someone as powerful as you would stoop to petty thievery."
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"Hey Redcloak. Did you just hear what I heard? Overland Flight," he said, as the magical aura flickered around him. "Look, kid, there's a difference between a joke from me and a joke from you. Me, I'm hilarious. That's why I'm popular, because I'm witty right along with unrepentantly evil and destructive. I don't know what your angle is, but it's not that. Though if I had to guess, I'd put a hundred on 'lolita fanservice'."
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Surprisingly, Redcloak had no contributions to his boss' usual fourth-wall-poking commentary. Instead, he backed off further, a hand against his unholy symbol.

"If you get wrecked by us and forced to flee, on the other hand, it qualifies as 'overestimating yourself massively'. If you flee by choice, it's 'being smart'."