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Raisa of Gallia ([personal profile] canhazcookie) wrote in [community profile] imperial_stage 2012-06-22 03:53 am (UTC)

Raisa's ears perked at that, and she started to climb the bear's back, with her claws acting as big crampons. The bear was torn between dislodging this attacker on its back and fending off the spears from the front. It couldn't put up an effective defense this way.

It took a bit more effort to make the beast fall, but one of the raiders got in a solid blow with a spear, one to the bear's chest. It sank in up to the crossbars and seemed to hit something important--and from the injury from Riza and the subsequent blows afterward, fall it did.

The laguz stayed on her perch as the creature fell, then hopped off of its back during its death throes. She landed a ways away and stayed standing until the bear had died proper, and only then sat to clean the blood off her claws.

"Well, that was exciting." Said with only a bit of sarcasm. That confrontation was the most exciting thing to happen so far for most of the week. The other was when one of the shamans almost lost their footing on a mountain pass waiting for the hawk laguz to carry them over in relays.

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