The Pen and the Sword

Who: Char and Light
What: Discussing the state of Sawa's monarchy
When: During summer court
Where: A dingy but secure back room in Imperial City

Officially, Char wouldn't arrive in the capital for another two days... )

Better War Council

Who: All military officers and specialists of Zeon. Mitsunari Ishida, Light Yagami and their guests are also invited
Where: Char's receiving room in Sweetwater
What: Also a war council
When: Probably the exact same time as Amestris's.

We're past securing peace )

Wedding Planning

WHO: Light Yagami and Char Aznable
WHERE: The Imperial City
WHAT: Arranging a marriage

Light sipped tea at an upscale Cafe in the Noble's District of the Imperial City. )

Party time and more [Action]

[In a ballroom at Central City.]

The auction was done and a hefty pile of wealth had been gathered to help pay for the reconstruction of Amestris in the wake of the devastating undead invasion. All that was left at this point was the after party, and EVERYONE has been invited. The majority of the party has moved to a huge ballroom, complete with an in house orchestra, several tables of light snacks and drinks, a large dancing area, tables around the edges of the room, and servants with trays of drinks making sure no one goes long without a glass. Brag about your newest acquisition, seeth with jealousy at the guy who bid more on the piece you wanted, enjoy fine food and drinks from across the empire, get drunk, dance, have fun. Mr. Wayne is footing the bill tonight.

[Elsewhere, later that evening...]

A dark figure edges close to the tall wall surrounding the manor belonging to the mysterious man known only as The Major. It produces a grappling hook from under its cloak, and is perched atop the wall in short order to get a better look at what it has to contend with here.