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Wedding Planning

WHO: Light Yagami and Char Aznable
WHERE: The Imperial City
WHAT: Arranging a marriage

Light sipped tea at an upscale Cafe in the Noble's District of the Imperial City. While the Palace had many meeting rooms available for visiting dignitaries, Light always prefered not to impose on His Majesty, and while the matter of conversation was certainly political, the result was (supposedly) a happy occasion, so this setting felt much more appropriate. Having arrived much earlier than the stated meeting time, Light contented himself by enjoying the food of the Cafe and watching some of the passers-by while reviewing his magistrate files. He noted several criminals who would soon be receiving judgement, but that would have to wait until later.
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"Light Yagami."

Char is, as usual, covering a slight annoyance at the general opulence of Imperial City, but his face (and his relatively casual clothes and dark glasses) still convey a general air of happiness at the pleasant day and pleasant topic of conversation, for once.

"It's nice to finally meet you in person," he says, seating himself across from the minister with a pleased, if still professional air.
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"Please, my 'exploits' are just common soldier work. Hardly something I expect Sawa's praise for," Char says dismissively, smiling anyway as he shakes Light's hand before taking a seat. "Besides, what we're here for is the opposite of war, isn't it? Bringing two lovely people together in harmony."
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"I see," Char says neutrally. He's seen Mitsunari in person, even if they haven't spoken to his recollection.

"Actually, my dear sister very recently received a Destiny Crystal," he adds. "I haven't done formal courtship before, would it be appropriate for them to correspond through that?"
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"If we're lucky, they'll serve to ground each other," Char says with an amused lift of his recently-delivered drink. "I'll admit my sister's head is in the clouds, but she's young. You have a younger sister, right, Yagami?"
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"Indeed. I doubt they'll have any problems getting along," Char agrees. "And...while I'm generally aware of your sister's challenges, I have to say, I envy you a bit as well. I never had the opportunity to take care of Sara - not until recently, when she's more or less a full-grown woman anyway. If it's not presumptuous of me to say, take care of your little sister. Family's the most important thing in this life to any one man."

He pauses, takes a deep drink to clear the conflicting emotions from his mind, and resumes his usual bemused mask. "That said, you'll understand if we move on to discussing the dowry, I trust?"
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"Gold is always valuable and appreciated, especially Sawa's," Char says. "My people survive, and yours thrive, thanks mainly to trade."

He pauses, apparently considering his next words carefully. "However, there are other things to consider here. Zeon can't live off of coastal trade without friendly ports on the mainland, and our mutual acquaintances on the land side of the Rift have a vested interest in taking that trade away from us. A simple expansion north of Britain and some intimidation of smaller kingdoms to the west, and Amestris could starve my kingdom economically. Which, might I remind you, the mainland powers have tried to do before," he adds, referencing the mess of tensions that eventually resulted in the One Year War.

"More important than gold is land, is what I'm saying. I don't have the resources to take land for my own, and Sawa doesn't have any I can use - nor would I ask for an entire province in return for my sister, as dear as she is to me. What I ask for is simply a treaty guaranteeing the independence of Hirawyr from both Britain and Amestris until such time as I can begin administrating it. I know it's an unorthodox request, but I really do believe it benefits the both of us."
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"If I were ten years younger and with less to lose, I'd push my luck and ask for Niraid as well, but I think this should be sufficient. If I need a road from Lerrian to the coast, it will likely be Britain and not Amestris I'm talking to. An independence guarantee on Hirawyr should be more than sufficient," Char says amiably.

"Oh, and Sawa covering the arrangements for the wedding celebration, but that's traditional for the nation receiving the spouse, isn't it?"
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"Glad to hear it." Char raises his cup, even though it's just coffee. "To family."