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Mitchell Dominic ([personal profile] idkworldruler) wrote in [community profile] imperial_stage2012-08-29 11:09 pm

The ships are sailing to new lands.

Who: Mitchell and anyone who wants to join him
What: Setting off to new lands
When: The epilogue
Where: Port of Caemos
Notes: This seemed like a good, final, farewell post.

The die was cast, and Mitchell and his men were ready to head off into new lands, and new adventures. He had readily casted all of his tarot cards on this one adventure, in hopes of good fortunes and a safe voyage. Of course he had still sent a letter off towards any family and friends as a form of precaution in case he doesn't survive. "Alright, is everyone set? If not then this would be the last chance that you would get to finish up any last minute, businesses that you have." He called out, eyes sweeping over his crew.

Eventually cheers and calls that they were more than ready began to arise from the group, causing him to smile somewhat "Then lets set sail to new lands and riches!" If possible the cheers grew louder as the sailors set to work. While Mitchell himself settled himself up in steerage.

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