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Makkani Moeru (Zeon vs. Amestris)

Who: The army of Zeon and anyone who gets in the way
What: Total war
When: The last week of August
Where: A bloody swath across southern Amestris

"My friends," Char said, aboard the deck of his flagship in the dawn light of eastern Chaodan, voice magically enhanced to reach the thousands of sailors and soldiers moving in his column. "I'm not here to give you a motivational speech today. That's for civilians. You don't need motivation to do what we're here to do today."

"Fourteen years ago, we were occupied by Amestris. Our families were slaughtered in our homes, people - good, innocent people cut down thoughtlessly in the streets by Amestris's 'special forces'," he continued, pacing the deck of the Rewloola as the morning winds began to kick up.

"Five years ago, we were rid of them for good, thanks to the benevolence of Emperor Terenas Menethil. Now, Fuhrer Bradley is attempting to assume the throne himself, and put his boot on the neck of the entire empire. Are we going to stand for that?"

A resounding boom of "no's" and "HELL no's" echoed from aboard the Rewloola and the ground below.

"What we're going to do here is a lightning war to punish Amestris, and stop its conquest of our beloved empire! Pretentious Amestrians use the old language for this strategy - 'blitz krieg'," Char explained for the benefit of the enlisted men, "but we all know where this war comes from. This is a raid, in the grand tradition of our ancestors! We will burn our way across Amestris from here to the wall of the Rift itself, and scatter their armies! Steel and flame will stop Bradley's vile ambitions, and Zeon will take its destined place as a defender of liberty for all of Dagaria! Ride forth! Sieg Zeon!"

SIEG ZEON! echoes up in a repetitive chorus as Zeon soldiers begin to march, or mount their horses, or start guiding their golems or wheeled siege weapons in a surge over the Amestrian border, a wave of armaments sweeping across the plains.

Zeon's campaign begins swift and brutal, particularly in the army group lead by Char in the far south, near the coastline. Any gathering of soldiers not in Zeon uniforms is fired on with unrelenting force by sweeping airships before cavalry sweeps in behind to put the scattered militia or regulars to the sword. Infantry armed with new bayoneted rifles march in behind to finish the work and secure towns and supplies. Along the coast, where Char's airships are concentrated, everything on the water that looks like it can float is shot full of holes with cannon, burnt, or broken apart with axes, and any coastal fortresses are reduced to rubble by airship bombardments. No time is spent dealing with the necessities of resistance from towns. If a town offers resistance, it is put to the torch and the soldiers march on as the locals watch their home burn. The offensive moves at a blazing pace across the Amestrian countryside - airships, then horses, then infantry - stopping for nothing except to bring overwhelming force down on anyone who steps up to stop them.

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