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Servant Archer ~ Signum of the Cloud Knights ([personal profile] nightskysword) wrote in [community profile] imperial_stage2012-07-19 11:28 pm
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It's Time to Duel

Who: Signum, Garviel, and any spectators for the peanut gallery
What: A friendlier battle
When: During Summer Court
Where: On a list amidst the festivities happening in town

Signum hadn't been back to the capital since the previous Court - thinking back, it had been an eventful one. Meeting Shamal, having her first face-to-face encounter with Berserker, and that whole bloody coup that had come close to starting a war. Still, the parts she had actually been involved in she could almost look back on fondly, and coming here again with Hayate before her courses started at Onylith was certainly a pleasant experience. Especially since the theme for summer seemed to be much, much more sensible than the one for spring.

After some time wandering around enjoying the spectacle of people fighting and competing in various sports (and making sure Hayate stays shaded and hydrated in this heat), Signum spots someone she knows.

"Ah, if it isn't the dictator of Rome," she said, tone much more familiar than the title as she greeted Garviel near a large, open park that was playing host to one of the sports tournaments.

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