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The dictator and the Senator

Darkness falls over Imperial City, as the dictator of Rome quietly looks out over the plateau, crystal sparking in the night. He stands at the railing of his guest quarters, holding a blank scroll in his hands, pacing back and forth. Troubled and disquieted, his once phlegmatic soul has been twisted by uncertainty, darkness and conflict as it has been since his summoning by Nero, not so long ago. He half crumples the roll, then unfurls it, continuing to pace, like a trapped animal.
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And without warning, a voice comes from behind.

"Troubled, oh Dictator?
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I would say I know... enough. Say what you must, Dictator.
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What are gods but beings of power? If he was once a man and now has acquired such recognition, is it not something to be proud of?
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"And are you unwilling or unable to adapt?" Yukari says with a smirk. "The first is stupidity, the second is foolishness. I had thought you a better man. Times change, people change. You have but to make your lot in life, whatever it may be."
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"There is no weakness in wishing aid," Yukari says with a smile. "None can act and work alone. What is important is that you stand by your ideals and decisions, but not to the point of rigid inflexibility. You will probably be fine."