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Grant Us the Breath of Life

Who: The Plague team, all characters
What: The end of the plague
When: The week prior to Summer Court
Where: All Dagaria

The team of scholars, magicians, and healers sets forth from Rome a month and a week after the plague first reared its head in southern Dagaria.  The death count is high.  In the provinces that were first afflicted, conservative estimates place the toll at 10 to 15% of the populace.  Left untreated, it had been predicted that the total population of Dagaria would eventually be fully reduced by half.  Conducting his research walled up behind the doors of the university hasn't prepared Klarth for what he is to witness first hand in the slightest.  Filthy colonies of the infected, entire villages quarantined and barred off as the people within were left to their own devices, suffering and despair on a level unlike anything he had imagined.

The cure isn't perfect.  Those on their deathbeds cannot be saved, their bodies too ravaged by the disease to continue functioning.  The more severely ill require further treatment, while even some of the milder cases continue to remain contagious, passing on a respiratory illness that, though non-fatal, would be much better off avoided, nonetheless.

As they pass through the countries of Dagaria, Klarth takes the opportunity to familiarize himself with this new world he now calls his home.  He wonders, perhaps, if this is the reason he has been called forward in time...

((Anyone is welcome to speak to the team in any country!  It consists of PCs Klarth, Celena, Korra, and Georik and some NPC guards sent by Garviel. Team members, you're welcome to start threads to discuss amongst ourselves, too, of course.  If antagonists would like to confront them for any reason, feel free as well.)) 

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