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Grant Us the Breath of Life

Who: The Plague team, all characters
What: The end of the plague
When: The week prior to Summer Court
Where: All Dagaria

The team of scholars, magicians, and healers sets forth from Rome a month and a week after the plague first reared its head in southern Dagaria.  The death count is high.  In the provinces that were first afflicted, conservative estimates place the toll at 10 to 15% of the populace.  Left untreated, it had been predicted that the total population of Dagaria would eventually be fully reduced by half.  Conducting his research walled up behind the doors of the university hasn't prepared Klarth for what he is to witness first hand in the slightest.  Filthy colonies of the infected, entire villages quarantined and barred off as the people within were left to their own devices, suffering and despair on a level unlike anything he had imagined.

The cure isn't perfect.  Those on their deathbeds cannot be saved, their bodies too ravaged by the disease to continue functioning.  The more severely ill require further treatment, while even some of the milder cases continue to remain contagious, passing on a respiratory illness that, though non-fatal, would be much better off avoided, nonetheless.

As they pass through the countries of Dagaria, Klarth takes the opportunity to familiarize himself with this new world he now calls his home.  He wonders, perhaps, if this is the reason he has been called forward in time...

((Anyone is welcome to speak to the team in any country!  It consists of PCs Klarth, Celena, Korra, and Georik and some NPC guards sent by Garviel. Team members, you're welcome to start threads to discuss amongst ourselves, too, of course.  If antagonists would like to confront them for any reason, feel free as well.)) 
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True to her word over the crystal network, the device had been recalibrated from the 'small-scale' test she had performed the previous day and was ready for its proper full scale activation within the hour.

Having moved the device out into the courtyard outside the university, Celena went over a few final checks of the Spell Amplifier as she'd come to refer to the device. A fully charged power crystal resting between the top and base plates as the amplification crystals orbited the device.

Although the 'small-scale' test had already cured those infected for many miles around the university, they had decided to activate the device once more from their position in Onylith due to its proximity to the border of the two provinces that made up Rome. The Amplifier's range from estimates from the small scale test showed that even conservatively, a full scale activation would spread the spell to the furthest reaches of Hirawyr and most certainly cover the entirety of Niraid.

Along with the guards that had been assigned by Rome to the team, Celena the reinforcements from the Arcaniss foundation stood, spread out around area. A number of combat mages as well as those more specialized in transport, to allow the group quick travel from one Kingdom to the next where needed.
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The Astartes look mildly off-put by the combat mages, but soon integrate them into their defensive structure. Loken himself waits in Hirawyr for word of the Spell Amplifier's work.

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Celena took a brief moment from her final checks all was in order and ready for activation, casting her gaze calmly over the armoured warriors standing guard over the area, noting the way they had been put off put by her mages, they were well trained and adaptable it appeared at least, noting the integration into their formations.

She gives a nod to Klarth as he approaches, a smile on her lips despite the tension in the atmosphere, "All set and ready to cast," she replied with an easy nod, "With the effort that you and all others on the team contributed to this moment, it is something I do gladly,"

Giving a nod as a sign that she was about to start she turned and stepped to the device, placing her hand once more atop the runes as they flared to life, "May want to stand a little further back this time," she cast a grin over her shoulder as the markings that had become visible during the testing became visible once more, glowing to life as she began to cast.
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Celena shook her head with an amused chuckle before she devoted the entirety of her focus to the spell at hand once he did step back. A good thing as the orbit of the crystals began to expand soon after she began the spell.

The crystals of the Amplifier glowing bright with barely restrained energies, the orbiting amplification crystals speeding up rapidly in their orbits, leaving glowing trails of energy that began to surround Celena and the Amplifier, forming a near opaque glowing field of energy the closer she got to completing the spell.

Within moments the Spell reached its conclusion. The moment Celena had uttered the last syllable of the spell the runes of the Amplifier flared, the field of energy surrounding the entirety of the device infused with the spell as it suddenly appeared to implode toward the center once more before suddenly reversing and rushing outwards, the spell carried on the wave of energies that swept from the device. The dome like wave of energy rapidly expanding, far more rapidly this time than in the test. The wave carrying the spell with it from Onylith to the very edges of Rome's territories.