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This was the realm of Ira, Tyrnen had no need to tell of stories to a group, in fact it made him just a little uncomfortable at the thought. Books where for retelling stories, reading and writing was the best way to share, no way to forget or mis-remember. But he did enjoy hearing stories told by others, and to record them, all within the Book of Words. However, Ira herself loved to tell tales, and for the first time in public reveled she had a spiritual form other than a voice attached to a book.

She appeared to be a young woman with long shimmering red hair and bright green eyes. Her features were distinctively fae and long pointed ears peaked out from her hair. Though any relation to the fae was up for debate, it could just as easily simply be a look she liked. Her form faded slightly in and out, never quite fully there, but enough to make her seem like an actual being of flesh and blood if you weren't paying much attention. She had a voice of bells and a captivating smile, her dress was simple and was something appropriate to the region.

"There are many stories I can tell, those of great kings and those of great sorcerers. Warriors, scholars, dragons and fae, I have known them all. But I will tell you of a story long lost, of the great Magus Archeron, this was a time long ago when the Fae were not so hard to find, when they had great cities within the forest of the like no man could even fathom. Their magic and technology was Superior to all, and Acheron was their brightest and most talented mage. He created many spells that few could reproduce, and was heralded across the land for his great knowledge and ability," she paused to look around her audience, slightly floating off the ground. Tyrnen himself tried to keep up with her words as he wrote them down.

"But, of course, things were not perfect in this time. There were those who were jealous and did not like the prosperity of Acheron's kingdom and did not like the fae. A war broke out and for the first time in a long time the fae were outmatched. Acheron's king asked for his aid. 'Please, you must do something or else our people and kingdom will fall'. And it seemed as if it would inevitably do so.

"However!" her eyes widened slightly in excitement and she made little fists. "Acheron had a plan, a great spell that would save them, but he was reluctant, as the devastation it would cause would be unimaginable. But he could not think of any other way, it was the death of his people or the annihilation of the enemy's vast army. It took him nine days to decide on whether his soul could bare such a burden, nine hours to set up the spell, and within nine minutes the entire enemy line was destroyed with a power never seen since. It was the first and last time such a devastating spell was used. Immediately after the great Acheron sealed his spell away so none could ever use it again and then seemed to vanish over night. Some say he traveled far and wide becoming a vagabond unable to cope with what he had to do, others say he tried to spread the word of peace, others say he secluded himself high in the mountains where he studied alone perfecting his magic to the point where he became a god.

"Of course there is only one truth to what happened, and only one person left in today's time who knows, but you won't hear the answer from me, at least not this night," she finished her story, that almost seemed more like a tease, with a smile. It didn't look like she was going to fade away any time soon though, she was ready to have fun and not be stuffed in a bag or written in all day. Let Tyrnen play scribe, she would enjoy the festivities.

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