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Revan ([personal profile] revanisms) wrote in [community profile] imperial_stage 2012-07-09 09:40 pm (UTC)

Revan wasn't one prone to speeches but he was a very good public speaker. His charisma had always taken him places that he wouldn't normally have been able to go to.

With one more sweep of his cloak, he turned to face everyone.

"People. Since the beginning of time, one rule has always held true. The victor is always right. He sets the rules, he makes the history. That is the purpose of these challenges.

And today, I challenge one who stands in the audience now. The current ruler of Rome! I decree that this man is too addled and weak to even be fit to lead a company of soldiers, much less a nation. While the outcome of this challenge will have no effect on his position, it will give me the satisfaction of knowing the correct answer.

If that ruler disagrees with my statement, then he is free to accept my challenge."

He had waited until last for the very reason of garnering more attention. His reasons for this challenge were obvious. If Revan won, he just might cause trouble enough in Rome to make it ripe for the picking. Whether or not he actually believed what he said was irrelevant in the larger picture.

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