path_to_the_world: (Pretty with pink - Kuranosuke PB)
Tyrnen Monaghan ([personal profile] path_to_the_world) wrote in [community profile] imperial_stage 2012-07-09 09:37 pm (UTC)

Tyrnen had tried to dress accordingly, but he had not been sure what was appropriate so instead defaulted to what he had grown up with, fine clothes with ribbons and lace, elaborate embroidery, gloves and jewels. It was one of the few 'court' outfits he had taken with him and he seemed a bit out of place in them, especially since he was sitting on the ground.

Trynen had his back to a tree, the Book of Words, otherwise known as Ira. He was writing in her, all that he observed of the ceremony. He was a scholar at heart after all and this was a rare opportunity.

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