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It had been odd to see the young dragon, apparently incapable of a human form like Lleld, arrive for the Moot, but his presence was welcomed. Having been instrumental in their victory over the Raiders and in Britain successfully capturing the drakes they did, she would allot him a place with her people until the time his actions made her change her mind, or he chose to go elsewhere.

"I can try, Temeraire," she replied. "Gaia's gifts are hard to learn for one who doesn't hold rage deep within their hearts. If it is possible, we will accomplish it, but understand it won't be easy and you will most likely discover a part of yourself you don't like during the course."

A pause. "And learning such secrets requires compensation, young dragon. What can you offer in exchange?" She smiled. "And as I'm not sure if we can even accomplish the task, it need not be much."

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