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"Several reasons: My Empress, Nero Augustus Germanicus, had good relations with the Beastmen previously. I would not wish to turn my back on her will in this matter. The second is shared blood. I remember well that your beastmen stood with us when I brought what blades of Rome I could against Avshar, and I sent warriors and suboordinated myself to your command during the recent rout of the Raiders. We are different in how we fight, certainly, but I would prefer to fight by the side of Awen's brave warriors against the storms that are breaking in Dagaria, rather than stand by and let them fight alone, or worse, to be pitted against them." Garviel pauses a moment, his tone fairly even, though there is an undertone of tension in it. When he speaks of being pitted against Awen, even in theory, there is a sense of great regret in his voice, the very idea almost anathema to him. After the pause, he continues,

"There are also mercantile considerations as well. An open and friendly border benefits us both with safe trade routes, and there are many that would welcome what Awen can provide in Rome, and it is my hope that perhaps the citizens of Awen would welcome Roman goods as well."

Another brief pause.

"Cultural exchange would also be a welcome byproduct of such an alliance. Rome has much to learn from you all about.... nature and the world that surrounds them, as concerned as we are with building cities and researching the crystals. And in return, the university of Onylith offers much in way of knowledge about the crystals, and other matters of research various and sundry. It is the center of a research project to defeat the plague that has beset us all, even now, and we would welcome any who wished to contribute from your lands. We'll share the results of what we find regardless of the decision made today, for such research is done for the good of all, but this is simply an example of the sort of valuable information and culture we are willing to share with you."

He finishes with this, "The last reason is personal. I believe I can trust you. We rarely agree, and often anger each other, but in the end, you are a being of blood and honor. I can deal with such." Far more easily than he can deal with Aznable, Mitsunari, or the damnable Fuhrer, he thinks to himself.

At the end of this, Garviel goes very silent. Outside of inspiring his men in battle, or making a plea to the noble heart of a fellow warrior, he rarely likes to speak this much. Better to contemplate for a long time, and do what must be done when the time comes. The moment clearly weighs on him, his light skin growing a bit paler as he talks, though his grey eyes show little, either in warmth, or anger.

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