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Cracking of the Bone

Loken will wait for all the local challenges and requests to be dealt with. A leader must see to the home first. Once foreigners are addressed, he'll wait his turn until Taryn signals him to approach, or there is a silence indicating she has time to speak with him. Once again, there is a sense of strained tension about him, less than fully comfortable in the wild abandon of the Moot, which plays on his nerves and the for the moment chained dynamo of rage and dutiful destruction which powers him of late. When the time comes, he'll speak, in a deep voice, one that carries without shouting,

"I have come as Dictator of Rome, the named Successor of the Rose Empress to request a formal Alliance with Awen." His cloak shifts a bit, exposing more of the white demi-armor, and the massive warrior beneath. Few here outside of Taryn outmass or tower over him, but he seems to be trying to keep his threatening presence on a tight leash. Garviel is consciously biting any arrogance or sting out of his words with effort. His face is pale in the half-moon, and a keen observer might catch the presence of a few sigils of the New Moon on him, a nod to his ancient role in the Mournival of Horus Lupercal.

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