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Taryn Shadow-Walker ([personal profile] get_off_my_lawn) wrote in [community profile] imperial_stage 2012-07-09 06:18 pm (UTC)

The Revel

With the tales told, it was time to bring the Moot to a close.

"Let us finish this night with what many of Dagaria do best - revel. In the woods to the north, there is a great stag of twelve points. He bears a scar along his left flank from claws. This stag has escaped many hunts before. Tonight, he offers himself as a sacrifice to Awen... should we manage to catch him."

Taryn moves about the clearing, looking at each that she knew was a warrior. "This hunt is to be lead by a great warrior - the Wyrm Foe. Let me see who among us will have the honor of leading us on the hunt."

[ooc: Any character interested in being the Wyrm Foe, post a blank comment under this and Taryn will assess each potential Wyrm Foe. If no one is interested (or she doesn't think the PC is suited), she'll choose an npc. Basically, this is the ceremonial hunt and party at the end of the Moot. There will be ample alcohol and food for a feast. Go ahead and start your own threads for the hunt/party aspect.]

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