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Taryn Shadow-Walker ([personal profile] get_off_my_lawn) wrote in [community profile] imperial_stage 2012-07-09 05:49 pm (UTC)

Cracking of the Bone

After proper time for spirituality was given, Taryn moved back to the rock and clapped her hands together. A thunder-like sound rippled through the air, grabbing everyone's attention.

"For those joining us that have no idea what is going on, worried about ceremony and social mistakes, this is the time in which I will hear my people's concerns, requests and grievances may be aired," Taryn explained. "I will hear one at a time and if discussion is needed, those involved may add to it, but keep in mind, the decision I make is final. Luna hides half her face tonight, so tempers will stay calm."

Her lips curl then, flashing a bit of fang. "This is also the time for formal challenges can be issued should more... human means of settling disputes fails. Formal challenges are things of honor and are to be treated as such to those visiting us from other kingdoms. While within Awen borders, only a coward turns down an honorable challenge. These are not merely means to get rid of rivals. Dishonorable acts within the Challenge Circle will be dealt with by me personally."

Relaxing, Taryn then gestures to the gathering. "Speak now."

[ooc: Start a new thread for each thing to be brought to Taryn. It is possible to threadjack if it is something of discussion. Any challenges, must be brought before Taryn and then issued to the one in question. i.e. "Ar-Righ, I wish to issue a challenge." Then the character turns to whoever they are challenging, calls them out and states exactly why they are challenging that character.]

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