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A Plague on Both Your Houses

Who: Klarth F. Lester, Celena Vantari, Korra, Georik Zaberisk, potentially Garviel, anyone else from Rome
What: Let's cure us a plague
Where: Rome, the University
Warnings: None

The clock is ticking.  Even with Georik's suggestions, more and more fall to the plague daily.  A group of great potential has been gathered in Rome, courtesy of one dictator with the penchant of kidnapping anyone who so much as mentioned the word 'plague' over the crystal network.  Having worked steadily for the last several weeks, they may be close to a breakthrough...

((You may post!  No posting order needed!  Just respond whenever you want.

You are also welcome to start your own threads for one-on-one RP about anything else related to the plague - experiments your character might have done prior to the main discussion that you'd like to thread, fieldwork with patients, or just relaxing and talking with other researchers, etc.  Whatever you feel like posting, go for it!

At this point, I believe it is safe to say that the plague will be cured through a combination of Klarth's incantation of earth mana in combination with Korra's waterbending, Celena's amplification device/reading of the incantation itself, and Georik/anyone else's follow-up treatment.  We have permission from the mods to carry this out, although we will need to go from kingdom to kingdom to cast the spell.))

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"The remedies I've listed is being spread by the Church and every official. It will indeed slow down the fatalities." Georik responds as he settles down in a chair, arms folded across his chest. "My own research has not come up with a natural cure... though I do have a theory for something to prevent illness later, but that is beyond the scope of this meeting."
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"Quite the achievement," she dipped her head and let her gaze linger on the absurdly large book before she pushed off the wall from which she had been leaning, "Preliminary tests have proved promising, I would have to run a number of small scale tests with the spell itself but should results perform to expectation at this point a single activation will be able to effect an entire province at the least with sufficient power, if not a Kingdom,"

Turning to Georik she dipped her head, "Your remedies have assisted greatly in further research by my team, I believe with the additional carrier spell attached to the main that Alhanna and her team have developed should greatly inhibit the spread of infection while patients are healing, follow up treatment will still be required but at least there shall be less risk of transmission during that time,"
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"It would be my pleasure to Professor, I shall get to work learning the spell as soon we are done here," Indeed, she was eager to delve into a new work, a new challenge. Stepping over to him to retrieve the book in question.

"Of course, anyone shall be welcome to observe the testing and integration should they wish, yourself especially Professor," Having retrieved the hefty book she moved back to where she had been standing to allow others to provide their input.
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After the meeting had finished Celena had set herself to understanding and learning the incantation and spell that Klarth had spent time and effort to bring to fruition. Testing the way that the incantation affected the flow of manner, learning how the spell worked so that when it came time she could test it proper with the device she had created for the purpose.

The next day, once she was sure of her understanding of the spell she send a messenger to each of those involved in the meeting should they wish to observe the initial tests of the spell with the device. She had set up the device within a large practical hall within the University. Desks and tables around the room arrayed with various tools and books strewn about, although all the tables had been cleared for a good fifteen feet from the center of the room. In the center of the hall sat the device, seeming deceptively small at first, given the range Celena had put some design consideration into portability.

The device itself only measuring three feet in diameter by a foot thick at first, seemingly consisting of a top plate and a base plate, each embedded with crystals at geometric points locations, seemlessly blended into the designs, around the outer edge of the base plate seven identical crystals that glowed red with inner power rested in grooves though were seemingly able to be removed. The top plate itself smooth with a rune covered surface which seemed to indicate that something be placed in the center.

Crouching down once others were present, Celena placed her hand atop the device, the crystals glowing to life as she stood back as the top plate began to separate and rise, to rest at table height, tilting forward towards her even as the seven crystals around the edge of the base rose from their holders and began to orbit at head height nearly ten feet from the device, each spinning slowly.

"Now, shall we begin?"

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That level of curiosity is something Celena could very much understand, and indeed she would quite likely have been the same had the situation been reversed. Indeed she admired such curiosity to the workings of such things.

Developing the device to aid in the cure of the plague had provided quite the worthy challenge, and if successful alongside curing those infected had the side effect of having an opportunity to get the Arcaniss Institute greater recognition.

She'd give something an amused look over her shoulder as Klarth hovered, "Don't worry I shall remember, as well as the extension Alhana and her students developed, the interactions are best tested together, if problems arise it can be distilled back to its original form,"

With a graceful gesture she drew a power crystal from her robes before it floated from Celena's hand and into place between the base plate and top plate before placing her hand in the indicated place atop the runes as she began incantation. A beam of light traveling between the base plate and the top plate, carrying the energy of the crystal floating between them, the runes around her hand lighting up with energy that was soon amplified by the crystals orbiting the device.
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For Celena, magic was near as natural to her as breathing, or taking wing, when she was in her true form that is. Her concentration unhindered by the hovering Professor before he drew back.

Her chanting growing in volume as she allowed her energies flow into the device, the incantation shaping the energies to her purpose, the device reacting in kind as the spells energies gathered and formed, multiplied in resonance within the crystals of the device, the orbiting crystals glowing brighter and brighter as they picked up in speed, a shimmering dome like field of energy beginning to enclose the device and Celena within.

One thing that may be noticed by a trained eye were the glowing red markings that slowly became visible on those portions of Celena's form which were bare, along her arms in particular and indeed as the glow intensified as the spell reached its crescendo the hint of more shining through her light robes made themselves known.

Within moments the Spell reached its conclusion, with the additions that both Alhana and Korra. The moment Celena had completed the casting the runes on the top plate of the device flared, the field of energy surrounding the entirety of the device infused with the spell as it suddenly appeared to implode toward the center before suddenly reversing and rushing outwards, the spell carried on the wave of energies that swept from the device, out through the university and were one watching from above, to the greater extent of the area surrounding the university for several miles.
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Although similar in nature, a sign and focus of the arcane, Celena's markings were far more natural to her. A hold over of her energies making themselves known while in her human form, the amount of energy poured into the spell drawing them to the surface, something she generally avoided, but in present company she paid it little mind her focus solely on the spell at hand.

Once the spell had exploded forth however Celena straightened herself, closing her eyes briefly before opening them once more, aglow with a soft golden light as she drew on her true sight to observe the energies about them. "The spell was weaved and amplified with minimal to no discernible corruption,"

Closing her eyes once more they return to their normal state as she casts a grin across to Klarth, giving a nod, "I had Alhana and her students as well as a few other mages spread further out from the university, they should be reporting in shortly," She was rather thorough when it came to testing after all.

After a short moment she tilted her head as if listening to someone, nodding to herself, "Furthest reports show that we had effective spread of the spell to at least five miles out, not bad for a small scale test, eh?" She commented with a clear grin at that.

"With a full power test we could easily cover multiple provinces, if estimations hold,"
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"Who says one cannot be part of the other, hmm?"

Celena gives him an amused look at that, after all there was more to her yet than the abilities she had shown thus far.

Looking over the map that he pulls out she gives a nod at his assessments in turn, each quite accurate in turn before interjecting.

"The boundary does extend a considerable distance, an activation from Poemond and Dwaelath should cover the majority, overlap from activation in Britain should cover the remaining portions of Yheathiel,"

"Twice in a number of nations, less here and here if overlap from activation in adjacent kingdoms is taken into account. I should be able to sustain a considerable casting radius and with assistance of a number of mages from the institute we should be able to transport the device and personnel from Kingdom to Kingdom rapidly,"

Celena dipped her head with a smile at his comment,

"Without your assistance, it would not have been possible,"