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Raider Assault - Air Division

Who: Taryn, Arturia, Nero, Lleld, Katina, Kusuha, Temeraire, bird beastmen npcs, British npc riders and a possible appearance from Viridi
What: Pre-battle and during battle fights against firedrakes, their mounts, and their camp. The plan is here.
When: June 15th our time - early morning (pre-battle) and actual battle
Where: Raider Camp in the West
Warnings: All the things that come with action movies; blood, violence, cursing, etc

[The battle itself will be run in two parts after the initial assault, when the two groups separate. The raiders will use hit and run skirmish tactics once they can properly react, moving in wings of three. We'll successfully capture 25 drakes, and the combined air/ground forces take out approximately 100 men and 100 drakes. Remember there's a nasty shrapnel ceiling launched from the ground forces to keep the drakes from flying too high.]
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Arturia couldn't do much to be prepared other than to cover her ears with hands clad in metal. The vibrations resonated between the flesh of her ears and the gauntlets she wore, but the young Pendragon woman didn't waiver in the slightest. Doing so would be a weakness to those around them and Arturia could never be seen as such.

Once she had been sure that the cry was over, she lowered her arms only to grip at the scales underneath her form. It had been a gentle hold, the girl unconsciously aware of what was best for a beast like her, but a firm one nonetheless.

"Do you think the field needs to be cleared a bit more?" Her voice would be loud enough to be heard over the cries around them.
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Righteous indignation is, perhaps, the cardinal emotion of the being on whom Taryn now called. It is a potent force. Blinding in its exhilaration, deadly in its sheer overwhelming strength. The ire in Taryn's voice and stance so perfectly mirrors the long festering anger of her goddess; there can be no doubt that Nature will respond in kind.

Even as Taryn speaks, her words are lifted up by the winds and carried through the air, reaching the ears of each and every combatant in this pivotal battle. Viridi is not an unreasonable goddess. No. Certainly not. Scum of the earth - know the sins for which your lives are forfeit. And in your final moments, realize the consequences for the crimes you commit against your fellow man, against the earth, against all of life itself.

...There follows only silence after the speech. For a few moments, all that can be heard are the echoes of the condemnation of the Ar-Righ, hollowly resounding for those to whom it is directed.

Grant us your blessing... blessing... blessing....

The miracle that follows happens in the space of a lightning strike. A thousand spears of electricity lance without warning from the skies; for the briefest of moments, a massive silhouette of ...something - someone - flashes behind the now-darkened clouds. And though the lightning strikes the earth harmlessly, from the site of impact springs forth a spiraling wind that surges upwards to smash into the raiders in flight. In some tongues, the tornado is called the Dragon Wind. The hunger with which it seeks its prey is reminiscent of such a mighty beast; the gaping maw of the funnel devours its prey relentlessly.

It is over almost as quickly as it began. Though the Beastmen and allies may have felt the pull of the entrapping wind, the storm disperses before any can be harmed. ...Not so much for the raiders.

"Very nice speech." The voice of the nature goddess whispers only in Taryn's ears. "I'll leave the rest to you."