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Raider Assault - Air Division

Who: Taryn, Arturia, Nero, Lleld, Katina, Kusuha, Temeraire, bird beastmen npcs, British npc riders and a possible appearance from Viridi
What: Pre-battle and during battle fights against firedrakes, their mounts, and their camp. The plan is here.
When: June 15th our time - early morning (pre-battle) and actual battle
Where: Raider Camp in the West
Warnings: All the things that come with action movies; blood, violence, cursing, etc

[The battle itself will be run in two parts after the initial assault, when the two groups separate. The raiders will use hit and run skirmish tactics once they can properly react, moving in wings of three. We'll successfully capture 25 drakes, and the combined air/ground forces take out approximately 100 men and 100 drakes. Remember there's a nasty shrapnel ceiling launched from the ground forces to keep the drakes from flying too high.]
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"You have quite the way with words, my friend. I have mentioned this before, but it certainly deserves to be noted."

The voice of the exiled Emperor is coming from behind Taryn. Despite the praise, she sounds sounds unusually unimpressed, and when the wolf turns to greet Nero, she'll find out why.

Instead of her normal bright, revealing clothing, Nero is dressed shoulder to toe in armor. Nothing heavy of course; it's a practical set, made so it won't inhibit an agile fighter. But it was a complete set, covering up every bit of the Roman that she so loved to show off.

The woman herself, unsurprisingly, does not seem very happy.
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Nero growls, a sound that could certainly impress some of the surrounding beastmen, and stops her foot. She's practically fuming.

"Just what is so funny?!"
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Nero's hands - even down to those, she is armored - curl into fists, but she does nothing. She may be irrational when she's angry, but she's not stupid enough to attack the leader of an army she's currently surrounded by, even if that leader is her friend.

"Silence, I say! This is no laughing matter!"
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You know what?

Screw proper behavior.

"Your ears are sharp, are they not? Then listen when I say silence!!"

Aaaand she lunges.
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"Fine then! If you will not be silence, I shall silence you myself!"

Even though she still sounds quite irritated, there's a hint of a laugh in her voice as she grapples with Taryn. Let it be known that Nero's strength is not to be underestimated at all; despite standing even shorter than Arturia, she can take down all manner of man or beast with her bare hands, so pushing back against Taryn's hold isn't particularly difficult.
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"Then I will rid myself of this armor, if that is what it takes to quiet your barks!"

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Ouch, bullseye.

"And how would you know that she ordered me to wear such unflattering attire?" She growls again, lightly headbumping right back. "Perhaps it was my own choice, seeing as how I am about to enter a battle I am unaccustomed to."

... Nero, you're not really fooling anyone.
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"Hmph. She acts as if I shamed her in public on purpose." Most of the fire behind Nero's eyes dies down, but she does pout a little, especially at that lick. "I know it is a rare, amusing sight, seeing her become as flustered as she was. But I would never provoke her in front of an audience, as tempting as it may be!"

... You know, only Nero would think nothing was strange about having a conversation with a wolf-woman twice her height and wight pinning her to the ground.

"And what, pray tell, does that have to do with this?"
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Arturia continued to just watch the two of them play from the side with her face in her palm.
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