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Raider Assault - Air Division

Who: Taryn, Arturia, Nero, Lleld, Katina, Kusuha, Temeraire, bird beastmen npcs, British npc riders and a possible appearance from Viridi
What: Pre-battle and during battle fights against firedrakes, their mounts, and their camp. The plan is here.
When: June 15th our time - early morning (pre-battle) and actual battle
Where: Raider Camp in the West
Warnings: All the things that come with action movies; blood, violence, cursing, etc

[The battle itself will be run in two parts after the initial assault, when the two groups separate. The raiders will use hit and run skirmish tactics once they can properly react, moving in wings of three. We'll successfully capture 25 drakes, and the combined air/ground forces take out approximately 100 men and 100 drakes. Remember there's a nasty shrapnel ceiling launched from the ground forces to keep the drakes from flying too high.]
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Temeraire tried to keep his pace steady; though he could bound up ahead in front of the red dragon's nose in a trice (at least he thought so) he held position...for the most part.

But with the prospect of battle so close he had but to reach his claws out to reach it, his discipline wavered at times. He would burst forwards with a rush of speed, only to fall back again to a safer distance when his head caught back up with his instinct. He couldn't help it, or certainly thought he couldn't; there were opponents in front of him, in just a few dozen wingbeats' reach. Small opponents, to be sure, but his adrenaline was up enough to ignore that fact.

When Taryn's Howl went out the dragon seemed to twitch, the call seeming to reverberate through his armor and his harness. But as startled as he was, Temeraire soon recovered; shaking his head back and forth and giving his own roar. Even with the edge of the divine wind in it, Temeraire's wasn't nearly as impressive. But he gathered himself, scooped his wings forwards like great oars and raised his claws just before impact with the first ranks of drakes.

He brought his armored chest to bear most of the impacts, leaving the soldiers in the belly rigging and on his back free to act.

((OOC: Feel free to make separate subthreads for boarding! Temeraire will be making several passes if he can.))
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"Um, keep calm, Temeraire..."

Kusuha is even more nervous than usual going into battle, having never done so strapped to the back of a young dragon. She could take comfort in the fact that she was in her Grungust armor, which should in theory protect her from any accidental falls as well as enemy attacks - although the reassurances of 'you'll be high up enough all the extra weight won't make you hit the ground any faster' had done the opposite of reassure her.

As the dragon surges forward to attack, Kusuha focuses her mind as hard as she can - partly to get ready to make a magical attack with the Grungust, but mostly to avoid losing her breakfast. Opening her eyes, she focuses on one of the raiders - but not his drake. With a shout, she focuses her mana through the Grungust, turning her normal white magic into a beam of magical energy that lances out toward the enemy, her armor functioning like a magical turret attached to an enormous living airship.
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The impact Temeraire was expecting...never materialized. The much smaller drakes seemed to eel away before his talons could strike, the ranks dividing in the center and darting to both sides. Arrows bounced off of his armor in places, but struck home in others--punching holes into his wings and between the armored joints of armor on his side. None were mrtal or even serious, but they were all red-hot and painful pinpricks.

The dragon roared again in frustration, even as he whipped his long tail to the side--altering his course, but also smacking one of the unlucky drakes backwards to where he could seize it in his teeth. The unfortunate creature shrieked as the much larger dragon dragged it backwards in the air by its tail and hind leg. The instant it was close enough, several soldiers lunged from the belly rigging onto the drake's back. Temeraire released the creature to its fate, and charged onwards to the next. He would have doubled back on himself like a snake, to engage the tail end of that formation--but he had to keep himself steady. A firing platform.

The beam of light tearing out from his back reminded him just why he had to fight the temptation. The magic seemed to startle the drakes with its brightness; even Temeraire had to squint his own for a moment. But the sound of startled squalling was enough to guide him on its own, and his forearms and talons spread wide as if in an embrace to seize the next drake.
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Kusuha tries to keep her focus in all the rocking - it's impressive how level Temeraire is keeping all things considered, but winged flight's not the most stable.

Still, she can feel the flow of magic around her in a way she seldom can while on solid ground. She can almost feel the people around her - Temeraire most strongly, being huge and a dragon, but her fellow soldiers and the enemies included. Noticing this, she decides to go for broke and try a new feature the royal artificers had installed on the Grungust after her last fight with Avshar's Riftspawn.

Drawing her arm partway back, she pulls a lever inside the armor's elbow, causing the oversized gauntlet to shoot out with a small magical explosion and shove the pilot of an enemy drake right off his mount! The launched fist, attached by winch and chain to the Grungust's arm, grabs onto the drake's saddle like a grappling hook, pulling it back. Kusuha remains stunned for a moment that that actually worked.

"Um, Temeraire! One more on your right!" she shouts, hoping the dragon can grab and secure both targets, or at least keep them in distance to be boarded by lighter soldiers strapped to his torso.
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This time, the drake formation's attempted pass was far less successful; reeling from the bright light, their momentum broke into the drakes darting every which way to try and get away from it. And this time Temeraire stuck home, crashing into the ranks and knocking them aside like leaves. When he brough his forearms together, the flashing talons caught still more. Some fell, floundering and squawking, to lower altitudes where they were in range of the archers below.

There was little elegance to the maneuver; just bulldozing through with his sheer weight advantage, but it did work. He did start a bit at the explosion whistling past his head, even used to rifle volleys as he was. As the now riderless drake was drawn in by the gauntlet, it spat panicked puffs of flame that almost singed the dragon's whiskers and did scorch the gloss out of a patch of unarmored scale on his chest and made him toss his head.

"Oh, that is enough from you!" Temeraire growled, and his left forearm changed direction to catch the drake and pin it against his chest like a child's doll. Another British soldier crossed from the rigging to the drake, and Temeraire released the creature before it blew any more irritating flames.

Then his ruff prickled, the only overt sign that he had heard before his right forearm to darted out to snatch the target Kusuha indicated. Its rider was more prepared than the beast, however, and almost immediately started jabbing at the armored knuckles with a spear. It was enough to make the dragon hiss and twitch and very nearly drop the drake.
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That wasn't good. It might have been whatever her magical knack was supposed to be, or it might have been just her talent for observing people, but even not being able to see around to Temeraire's ventral side she could tell he was having trouble.

She looks to the heavy cables attaching her Grungust to Temeraire's harness. They were attached to winches that theoretically would let her move around, though she had been explicitly told it was risky by the engineers. Still, given a choice between letting Temeraire get stabbed and possibly unbalancing him, she chooses the latter option. Making the Grungust draw its sword now that its fist had been winched back into place, Kusuha carefully begins climbing the heavy machine down around the dragon's right side to try and get within reach of the troublesome rider.
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The rider changed tactics when this new target presented itself; jabbing at Grungust with the spear rather than Temeraire's talons.

Not that he left the dragon completely alone; the drake had overcome its surprise, and started breathing a plume of flame at the much bigger dragon's opposite shoulder. The heat made him start and growl again, but he couldn't do anything else that would bring more targets in range of that spear. And the rider was too close to roar away at. He could always drop the creature, but that would defeat their purpose...
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Kusuha doesn't feel endangered by the spear, particularly, but it would be alarmingly easy for the rider to make the armor lose its grip or its balance and fall at this angle. Acting on adrenaline and reflex, she powers up the Grungust's magical cannon and fires it again at point-blank. She closes her eyes as she does so, and when they're open again, the drake in front of them is riderless. "S-sorry..." she mutters. At least that should make the drake easier for Temeraire to handle.
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Suddenly without further instruction or command, the drake cut its last puff of fire short and stared around almost quizzically for direction as its reins went slack.

As his armor cooled, Temeraire snapped his teeth and snarled at the creature, which recoiled with a squall even as three boarding soldiers made the leap across at once. One did not secure himself in time, and plummeted off of the side with a shout--and out of sight, Hopefully one of the winged beastmen caught him...but it was enough to make the soldiers aboard the drake seize the reins with all haste to send the creature diving like a stone after him.

It also made Temeraire's shoulders huddle a bit, even as he stared down after the shrinking figures. He couldn't break formation again, he kept telling himself--or more soldiers would follow.
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There's no way Katina's fighting from anywhere but the back of their ally, preferably ahead of everyone else, spear in hand as her eyes dart around to everything that moves. There are, if anything, almost too many targets to worry about, and she wants to try and pick the strongest next to the leader himself. Not only does that get a strong opponent out of the way of her allies, but it should hopefully mean a superior mount for herself.

"Make sure you take care of yourself... I only need one good shot at this!"
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There was one drake that stood out eventually; one that seemed fixed on leading Temeraire on a merry chase through the ranks. His head was a bit too far gone to adrenaline to really notice the arrows and flames that raked his sides; slivers, annoyances...that would soon build up.

When the drake darted to the right, the dragon lashed to follow it like a snake, closing the distance sharply until the drake crashed into his chest broadside instead of making a proper pass.
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Long before the impact, Katina's eyes were on the prize. Reckless. Aggressive. Getting way too close for any kind of safety, and the drake was as into it as the rider.

Ergo, it was the perfect target for Katina.

Holding on tightly, she waited right up until the moment of impact to throw herself out, down, and around Temeraire, flinging herself onto the briefly entangled drake, sword drawn and swinging in a wide circle at the rider. "Knock him off balance!"
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Temeraire heard, and put on a sudden burst of speed that not only kept the drake pinned against his chest, but caused the creature to roll and shriek in the air, tossing its rider to the side of the saddle and harness as he was turning to face Katina, knocking the arrow off of his bowstring. Katina's blade bit into the armor on his back and shoulder, but not quite through.
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An arrow not fired at her, and a hit landed on the raider's armor - with that and the jostling knocking him off balance more and more, it's plenty. Instead of winding up for another swing, Katina tightens her legs around whatever she can grab onto, using her sword to hack at whatever straps and harnesses he's hanging on with.
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The rider's quiver was hanging from the belt, rather than the back; he weathered the blows long enough to nock a second arrow in short order, draw it back to the ear--and let it loose at Katina.

But very next moment he had disappeared; the saddle cut loose and empty and flapping against the drake turned almost sideways like a flag. The rider's last attempt to save himself was to grab the reins as he fell, which twisted the drake's head sideways and down at an awkward angle that made the beast shriek again.
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About as inconvenient a place for a quiver as it could be, for Katina, and she couldn't do anything but swipe her sword at him as he quickly fired a second arrow. This time, she missed her swing entirely, the arrow grazing her side and digging into the light armor she wore.

By the time she'd recovered enough to swing again, he was gone, though, leaving her bareback on an angry, pained drake. Maybe not the BEST plan ever, and it takes a lot of strength out of her just to get into a position where she can hold on.
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"Stop that nonsense," Temeraire's voice rumbles from above, and one of his massive talons comes down on the rake's shoulders, torquing the entire creature level. If the drake hadn't been so neatly immobilized, it would have frozen anyway from something much larger than itself growling at it.

"Are you all right?", the dragon asked Katina this time, still holding the drake as if it were a toy as it attempted to squirm away.
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"Ah... shit, didn't actually figure out how I was gonna do that." Katina scoots up the drake's body a bit, pulling a rope from her side to loop around it's neck as an extremely rudimentary bit of control. "I'm doing good now, though I dunno if it'll listen to me well enough to fight the others yet."
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Temeraire's reply was cut short; while he had been manhandling the drake, others had surged in t take advantage of his distraction. A formation of drakes all but smashed into his side, shaking the captured drake out of his talons and knocking the bigger dragon sideways with a roar of surprise.

He could not finish what he had been going to say, only twist and snarl and raise his claws to engage these new threats. Katina was on her own for the moment.
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"Shit shit shit!" Now Katina's forced to cling again, holding the rope tight until she can spare a free hand.

She can't just let Temeraire fight everything off on his own, no matter how big and awesome he is - she quickly pulls out a pistol, firing a shaky shot at a drake pulling away from Temeraire for another charge.

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Nero had been itching to move the moment the battle started, but she knew her role. She may be brash and impulsive sometimes, but she new how to follow battle orders. So she waited.

It was frustrating, because waiting meant she stayed out of the action for quite a while, outside of deflecting arrows or other such attacks from enemies. She had no ranged weapons, and the other soldiers were doing a fantastic job keeping the drakes and their riders at bay, so that really left Nero with nothing to do.

Until now! With the rest of the boarding party gone, it was finally Nero's turn. And boy did she look eager, even as she continued to fend off the occasional attack.

"Now, Temeraire! Find me the strongest, most capable drake you can spot! One that can match my abilities as closely as possible!"
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The dragon lifted his head as his sides swelled out, like a drum ready to play. The roaring force of the divine wind tore out of his jaws, but this time directed at the air above another arrowhead-shaped flight of drakes before they could climb too far over his head, rather than directly at them. The force disrupted and distorted the air visibly, punching a ragged hole in the shrapnel cloud before it was rapidly filled in by another burst. Temeraire snorted, and took note, in some corner of his mind; bad idea. Aim down.

But the roar also disrupted the rank, breaking it up from a smoothly disciplined maneuver to shrieking, backwinging drakes wheeling this way and that. The one flying highest in the formation toppled from the sky completely, blood streaming from its nostrils. Still others lost their riders, but one of the most notice was the drake that crashed down on Temeraire's back, missing Nero but causing the big dragon to nearly buckle in surprise.

Even as big as he was, if most of the boarding soldiers hadn't already been deployed, they would have been crushed. The drake had landed on its belly, aft of Temeraire's shoulders and signal flags and where Nero was sitting. The creature still possessed a rider, but was too busy scrabbling at Temeraire's armor trying to regain traction to breathe any fire.
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Nero would be lying if she said she wasn't slightly awed at the dragon's power. Oh, she had seen a great deal of strange things over the years, and she had encountered all manner of powerful monsters and beasts. But this? This was something she wasn't hesitant to admit was impressive.

She couldn't muse on Temeraire's strength for too long, though, as the drake that had been shot down landed nearby. Large enough to disrupt the dragon's flight even for a second, and strong enough to still put up a fight?


With the lance her cousin had given her still strapped to her back, Nero unsheathed her blade - a common gladius, as she was still without Aestus Estus - and charged. She approached from behind the beast, using its hindquarters as a step up so she could launch a strike at it's rider.
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The drake was still a bit stunned, lashing its tail only after it felt pressure on its hindquarters. The warrior on its back was less stunned, though his ears must surely have still been ringing--he swept a glaive at the boarder, though still mindful of the flailing wings of his own mount.

Temeraire had come to a hovering stop in the newly vacant altitude, where he had to look down to see the other drakes wheeling like so many birds. Instead, though, he was snarling and snapping and otherwise occupied with his new and entirely unwelcome passenger.


But he couldn't just roll to dislodge it, at least not this instant--Nero hadn't locked on yet, and he would inevitably throw her as much as the drake. And that was also bad.

On the other hand, the armor on his back was mostly chainmail, to allow the dragon to make full use of his flexibility; as reinforced as it was, the harness was still flammable. No amount of wire and chain sewn in could fix that and remain pliable.