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Raider Assault - Air Division

Who: Taryn, Arturia, Nero, Lleld, Katina, Kusuha, Temeraire, bird beastmen npcs, British npc riders and a possible appearance from Viridi
What: Pre-battle and during battle fights against firedrakes, their mounts, and their camp. The plan is here.
When: June 15th our time - early morning (pre-battle) and actual battle
Where: Raider Camp in the West
Warnings: All the things that come with action movies; blood, violence, cursing, etc

[The battle itself will be run in two parts after the initial assault, when the two groups separate. The raiders will use hit and run skirmish tactics once they can properly react, moving in wings of three. We'll successfully capture 25 drakes, and the combined air/ground forces take out approximately 100 men and 100 drakes. Remember there's a nasty shrapnel ceiling launched from the ground forces to keep the drakes from flying too high.]
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It would be polite to answer when one summoned you, so Arturia wasted little time in leaving the confinement of her "quarters" of the camp in vestments unlike any other seen before. Well, that wouldn't necessarily be true. Garments worn in battles she thought would be challenging. When she wore the armor of a flower, she would be seen as a beautiful lily on the field. The lily that protected Britain and rejuvenated the spirits of those around her. A lily held so much meaning. Hope, faith, purity, renewal, promise, passion, cleaning, remembrance; these were all things that Arturia Pendragon promised the good people of Britain.

This battle held different meaning though. She had to wear the vestments of a king to remind those who served under her that they were not alone. Their king had joined them and would ride with them into battle. Together, they would ride out in victory!

For this she wore vestments of blue, the color of royalty in their kingdom and the color she associated with primarily. Silver armor fastened around her chest, her legs, and her hands glistened as though they were freshly shined. Her hair didn't flow free as it often did, instead it would be fashioned into a bun with a braid wrapped tightly around it. Instead of the fluffy ribbons of color she wore, there would be a single thin ribbon that fastened the braid in blade. Here she looked more like a knight than a girl who had been given the throne by birthright.

With her sword strapped against her back, she approached the woman with a thick cloak over the side of her body. After all, royalty still had to be presented as such. This would be no exception.
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Instinctively Arturia's body would freeze in place at such a question. The relationship she held with Irisviel would remain a secret for many more months in her eyes, yet this woman already wagered a guess judging by how she held herself? A stoic gaze could only go so far.

Lying had always been beneath her and unlike the woman, so there would be no other option but to confess should it come to that. There remained hope that maybe, just maybe, she misunderstood her.

"I apologize, but it seems I misheard you."
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"For news of this nature must be handled delicately." A simple reason, but more or less the truth. Arturia feared for what would be said not about her, but about any potential queen she took on. "Besides, I have a brother and cousin to consider. Their lives have been void of kindness for the most part, so it would be improper for me to boast of my own happiness when they suffer so."

Someday she hoped Irisviel would forgive her for her hesitance.

"How did you hear of it?" Yet, she couldn't stop herself from asking. "It is a well known secret that not even the keenest of observers can catch."
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Now she felt the fool truly. To give up her greatest secret through a misunderstanding of this nature wouldn't bode well for her, but perhaps deep down, Arturia wanted to tell someone. The tension in her shoulders dissipated at her touch, showing not an ounce of hostility in the woman's actions.

"I wear my hair in this manner not as the King of Britain, but as a knight. Should I allow it free, surely I would be a distraction on the field of battle with my looks. My knights, as strong willed as they are, will always seek to protect a maiden. I wish to fight with them as their equal, not as someone who needs to be guarded."

With half a laugh coming forth from her throat, she shook her head.

"When we return home from our glorious battle, I shall make the announcement for all to hear. My lady has been waiting patiently for such news, so it would be improper to have her remain in the shadows of our victory."
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Garou? While Arturia couldn't be considered cultured, the term may have been heard in passing. A king hears so much that it would be difficult for her to catch onto every little thing.

"No, I understand why you made the assumption." Without a hint of anger in her tone, it could be seen that she was alright with this. "It felt good to tell someone of my secret. Perhaps I will continue to wear my hair in this manner after I am married. Only if it would not offend, that is."

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"You have quite the way with words, my friend. I have mentioned this before, but it certainly deserves to be noted."

The voice of the exiled Emperor is coming from behind Taryn. Despite the praise, she sounds sounds unusually unimpressed, and when the wolf turns to greet Nero, she'll find out why.

Instead of her normal bright, revealing clothing, Nero is dressed shoulder to toe in armor. Nothing heavy of course; it's a practical set, made so it won't inhibit an agile fighter. But it was a complete set, covering up every bit of the Roman that she so loved to show off.

The woman herself, unsurprisingly, does not seem very happy.
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Nero growls, a sound that could certainly impress some of the surrounding beastmen, and stops her foot. She's practically fuming.

"Just what is so funny?!"
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Nero's hands - even down to those, she is armored - curl into fists, but she does nothing. She may be irrational when she's angry, but she's not stupid enough to attack the leader of an army she's currently surrounded by, even if that leader is her friend.

"Silence, I say! This is no laughing matter!"
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You know what?

Screw proper behavior.

"Your ears are sharp, are they not? Then listen when I say silence!!"

Aaaand she lunges.
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"Fine then! If you will not be silence, I shall silence you myself!"

Even though she still sounds quite irritated, there's a hint of a laugh in her voice as she grapples with Taryn. Let it be known that Nero's strength is not to be underestimated at all; despite standing even shorter than Arturia, she can take down all manner of man or beast with her bare hands, so pushing back against Taryn's hold isn't particularly difficult.

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Arturia continued to just watch the two of them play from the side with her face in her palm.
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Even this late in the preparations, Katina's still going over her weapons - because, yes, she has brought everything with her. A light lance, a hand ax, a buckler, three swords of different size and style. She could make up her mind on having a small pistol at her side, but what weapon would be best suited for aerial combat? A short blade for dismounting the rider, or a lance for when she's mounted? Or both. Would the weight be a problem, even in light armor?

"Shit, I almost wish I wasn't good with so many weapons."
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"What if they don't agree?" They're Katina's weapons after all. Even if she knew how to 'ask the weapons' what gives them any reason not to just tell her to use them?
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Kneeling, Katina frowns thoughtfully. Then... "Oh! Oh, I kinda get what you mean. And that's the problem... I know the goal is getting the drakes, but I also need a weapon that I can fight from it with, while riding something I don't know how to really ride."