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Temeraire tried to keep his pace steady; though he could bound up ahead in front of the red dragon's nose in a trice (at least he thought so) he held position...for the most part.

But with the prospect of battle so close he had but to reach his claws out to reach it, his discipline wavered at times. He would burst forwards with a rush of speed, only to fall back again to a safer distance when his head caught back up with his instinct. He couldn't help it, or certainly thought he couldn't; there were opponents in front of him, in just a few dozen wingbeats' reach. Small opponents, to be sure, but his adrenaline was up enough to ignore that fact.

When Taryn's Howl went out the dragon seemed to twitch, the call seeming to reverberate through his armor and his harness. But as startled as he was, Temeraire soon recovered; shaking his head back and forth and giving his own roar. Even with the edge of the divine wind in it, Temeraire's wasn't nearly as impressive. But he gathered himself, scooped his wings forwards like great oars and raised his claws just before impact with the first ranks of drakes.

He brought his armored chest to bear most of the impacts, leaving the soldiers in the belly rigging and on his back free to act.

((OOC: Feel free to make separate subthreads for boarding! Temeraire will be making several passes if he can.))

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