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Lleld Kemberaene ([personal profile] lady_mayhem) wrote in [community profile] imperial_stage 2012-06-25 02:32 am (UTC)

Easily said, easily done, and the smaller red dragon darted further ahead of the larger of the two. From the lower altitude, she could feel the heat rising from the fires of war beneath them, creating thermals which filled her wings and made soaring that much easier to do; even more easily than they had practiced in the short amount of time before the assault.

It was a relief, really. The extra weight was somewhat awkward and unwieldy - at least to Lleld, who was used to far more agility than she could call upon here. It also helped so she could concentrate on keeping her neck level as the big werewolf climbed along it, the sinuous muscles and veins bulging with effort. They'd practiced this, too. It hadn't been so difficult; the worst part was...

... Well, the fact she couldn't cover her ears so well when the scream was unleashed, and it did leave her slightly dazed.

But Lleld was prepared. She was ready, she had practiced, and it faded quickly. She couldn't say she enjoyed watching all those men and beasts fall, couldn't enjoy killing, but they had to protect their homeland, and she would do so dutifully.

She flew through the throngs of drakes; those falling, those angrily snarling and turning toward pursuit, keeping her profile slim and her wings ready to retract, all on her way toward the big red dragon in the middle.

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