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It would be polite to answer when one summoned you, so Arturia wasted little time in leaving the confinement of her "quarters" of the camp in vestments unlike any other seen before. Well, that wouldn't necessarily be true. Garments worn in battles she thought would be challenging. When she wore the armor of a flower, she would be seen as a beautiful lily on the field. The lily that protected Britain and rejuvenated the spirits of those around her. A lily held so much meaning. Hope, faith, purity, renewal, promise, passion, cleaning, remembrance; these were all things that Arturia Pendragon promised the good people of Britain.

This battle held different meaning though. She had to wear the vestments of a king to remind those who served under her that they were not alone. Their king had joined them and would ride with them into battle. Together, they would ride out in victory!

For this she wore vestments of blue, the color of royalty in their kingdom and the color she associated with primarily. Silver armor fastened around her chest, her legs, and her hands glistened as though they were freshly shined. Her hair didn't flow free as it often did, instead it would be fashioned into a bun with a braid wrapped tightly around it. Instead of the fluffy ribbons of color she wore, there would be a single thin ribbon that fastened the braid in blade. Here she looked more like a knight than a girl who had been given the throne by birthright.

With her sword strapped against her back, she approached the woman with a thick cloak over the side of her body. After all, royalty still had to be presented as such. This would be no exception.

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