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Taryn Shadow-Walker ([personal profile] get_off_my_lawn) wrote in [community profile] imperial_stage 2012-06-24 05:18 pm (UTC)

Initial Assault

With the Vanguard crashing into the main body of the camp on the ground and the shrapnel ceiling keeping the drakes from flying too high, the sky was set for their approach.

"Make sure to be well ahead of Termeraire," Taryn said to Lleld as she flew the wolf and the British queen quickly toward them. Carefully, Taryn moved up until she was crouching on the top of the dragon's head. She felt a little bad doing that, but if she wasn't as far forward as she could get, her howl might disrupt Lleld too.

"Arturia, I suggest you shield your ears as best you can..."

And then, drawing in a deep, deep breath, Taryn stirred up her rage, the primal anger her kind had that Gaia instilled in them. She then howled, so loud and powerful that it may as well have been the land itself screaming for battle. A shockwave rushed forth, hitting a great deal of the drakes in the air before them.

With confused cries from both lizard and rider, the sky rained firedrakes, dropping about half of what was before them down to the ground unable to fly. Into the jaws of the beastmen waiting for them.

The howl then cut off, leaving Taryn holding onto Lleld's horn ridges while she panted to catch her breath. Scream of Gaia always took a lot of her energy. She needed a moment to recover before asking Gaia to lend them a hand.

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