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As the sun crested the horizon of the air assault camp - stationed in a different location from the ground forces - Taryn readied herself for battle. Garou did things differently than beastmen, who did things differently than humans. It was going to be interesting inducting the British forces, the British leader, into her traditions. Battle was a spiritual thing to her as much as it was a physical thing. She was modi, which meant battle was what she was born for.

The werewolf bathed and let her fur dry in the rising sun. Then she took the war paints she rarely used to draw runes of courage, strength, protection and destruction on her fur, including hagalaz on her face, over her right eye. Her mane-like hair was allowed to flow free instead of restrained in a single band and bracers and others bits of armor added to her form.

Picking Mitternacht up, she overlooked the camp, the two dragons - one small, one large - and the other forces as they readied themselves. The beastmen were already preparing a spiritual drink full of nutrition and magic to calm pre-battle jitters and center the mind. The werewolf cut an impressive figure as she hooked the crystalline hammer onto her back and called out.

"Pendragon! Sturmschwert! It is time to seek Fortune's favor! Let us ready for glory and prepare to sate our thirst with the blood of fire."

[Thread battle prep here, Taryn will do a prebattle ritual, but will also have other threads in here.]

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