greyerrant: (Squinty)
greyerrant ([personal profile] greyerrant) wrote in [community profile] imperial_stage 2012-06-23 10:05 pm (UTC)

You have an interesting definition of glory. [ Garviel thinks back to the Escalade assault where the 10th and the War Hounds suffered so grievously when the Knights of the brotherhood mined the breach, and his expression grows distant, and quite flat. ]

I'll undertake the assault as ordered, and will do my best to force their hand, and lure them into the skies. As for capturing the mounts.... I'm afraid the extra materiel I requested before this undertaking is sub-optimal for that. We're more likely to kill a few of them, but I don't suppose that is too big a problem as long as we aren't slaying them all, and I certainly won't have my men interfere with your capture efforts.

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