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Oh look a bear

Who: Raisa and Riza
What: Exploring and caves and stuff
When: Backdated to the first week of June
Where: Helind
Warnings: None

Raisa felt…rather stupid, all things considered. She had said the snows should have gone by now, and they had—for a week. Then after a morning of beautifully blue sky, the afternoon was suddenly filled with glooming clouds. The hawk laguz warned of the winds beginning to turn foul, and there was a brief scramble for shelter before the cave had been spotted.

No, not cave—cavern. They had time to gather extra fuel from the scraggly alpine trees, but barely so—the storm swept down out of the mountain with such speed it left Raisa bewildered for a moment.

The wind didn’t seem inclined to chase them too much beyond the rocky doorways, though the chill would deepen as the light faded.

The back walls, though, seemed riddled with holes like some sort of cheese; some a mouse would find tight quarters, others quite big enough for two horses and their carts stacked high with something or other to pass simultaneously. The rest were somewhere between.

Raisa busied herself attempting to peer into the darkness beyond one of these bigger entranceways, tailtip flicking back and forth.
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"Yeah? Bring it on!" It wasn't as if Riza couldn't dodge it... at least, physically. But when she saw a head-on attack like that, how could she back down from it? It'd be a disgrace to werewolves.

Sidestepping those huge jaws, Riza lunged in so the claws only grazed her back and she punched the beast in the chest before starting to grapple it. The bear seemed momentarily stunned but... it was obvious who had more weight in a wrestling match, which this had turned into, since Riza couldn't really disengage without leaving herself open now.
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This was the perfect opportunity for anyone to back off an assess a new line of attack.

Instead Riza used it to pull back her arm, then sock it in the throat with one paw, claws sinking in... sort of.

"Gods, he's got a lot of fat on him!" she yelled right before the bear, coughing but not exactly slaughtered the way most things were after taking a blow from Riza to the throat, turned and knocked her off her feet. With their leader out of the way, some of the other raiders closed the gap to start fending the monster with their own fists or better yet, spears.
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"Yeah!" agreed Riza without any sarcasm. "I wonder if there's more inside? He's kind of big though, so maybe he likes his space..." She sounded almost disappointed. "Well, we'll have to look around in here at some point or another, and as long as the weather's not letting up, we can't look outside. Whaddaya say?"
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"Guh, wasps... that's the only thing I can thank the cold weather for, chasing away the bugs." Cleaning off her paws and motioning to her men, Riza followed. "Alright, some of you grab some torches. We're gonna take a look around and make sure we don't have any other guests staying here with us, okay?"
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Riza's following came from two things - her tendency to fraternize with them more as equals than superiors outside of missions, and impressing the others by kicking some unruly asses when necessary. By now, everyone in her squad at least knew not to make a big deal of her half-breed lineage and think that somehow made her weaker.

Joining Raisa over by the entrance to the deeper areas the bear had come from, she sniffed the cold air.

"Storm's making the air go in... I can't really tell much. Guess we'll just have to step inside," she said, taking a torch from one of her raiders and leading the way deeper in.