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greyerrant ([personal profile] greyerrant) wrote in [community profile] imperial_stage2012-06-08 10:51 pm

The holy Grail war, final chapter: The end of all things

Who: The remaining combatants in the Holy Grail war, various and sundry others sucked into the vortex of war and blood
When: Friday Evening
Where: The Desert of Yaburah
What: The final battles of the war play out, lives are lost, and... a victory of sorts is won
Warnings: Bill posted a log. You know there will be blood, overblown speeches, and in general it will be rated M for manly.

Night falls over Yaburah, the city's lights barely visible in the distance. The wind is hot, and carries the grit of sand within it, though nothing moves. Even the animals that might frequent the desert at night have scattered, for they can feel the storm that comes. Blood will be spilled here, and the fate of many servants, men, women, perhaps the destiny of the leaders of some of the Kingdoms of Dagaria will play out here. Hatred, vengeance, rage, and despair will all come to fruition. But perhaps love and innocence will win out, for they have motivated the alliance of the Servants. A young girl is the key, and it is a battle for her that will be fought, before the curtain falls on this last act of the Holy Grail war

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