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All Aboard the Fairy Queen

Who: The Major, Rip van Winkle, Desil Galette, Batman, Midna, Irisviel von Einzbern, Arturia Pendragon, Lelouch Lamprouge, Kallen Kozuki, other passengers bound from Britain to Amestris
When: Two days after the Camelot Treasury heist
Where: The Fairy Queen luxury liner
What: The Major and his men, now with one of the Fused Shadow pieces in their possession, are making their way back to Amestris. It's up to the heroes to stop him and Millennium.
Warnings: Gambling, fighting, and a singing Nazi Major

The Fairy Queen is Britain's finest luxury liner constructed and priced for affluent members of society. Waypoints can be used for near instantaneous travel, granted, but these days, trains and the like were either used for shipping large products, relaxation, or smuggling. About 8 AM early in the morning, nobles, magistrates, merchants, and anybody else of sufficient monetary influence gathered in the terminal. They were boarding one by one after having their tickets examined. They left their luggage outside to be stowed away. The largest happened to be a box with the swastika insignia stamped on its front next to smaller suitcases, also with swastika stamps. They were few of the first ones to be taken into the train, unfortunately.

The trip from Britain to Amestris will take nearly one day. Until then, the passengers expect to relax as well as they can on the smooth passage and comforts the Fairy Queen would provide.
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Re: 2/2

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Needless to say, by the end of The Major's song, the entire staff of this particular lounge car were staring.

The red-headed girl at the bar, a good twenty feet away - with distinctly not red hair or blue eyes, thanks to a quick use of dyes she'd applied an hour before - found herself blinking a few times. A quick brown dye and green contacts made sure of that. Combined with the slightly-too-short-for-comfort skirt, dark vest, and white, well-cuffed shirt - plus her hair being down and not spiked - it was exceptionally unlikely that anyone would identify Kallen Stadtfeld. Especially not someone who had only seen an angry soldier, and not a girl just sorta blinking in awe at what she had just seen.

Her mortal enemy - one of the most evil men in all Dagaria, as near as she was concerned - had just tap danced and sung in a broken mix of Dagarian and Amestrian about his entire scheme, with a disturbingly childish glee.

... While no reaction beyond the simple staring that was coming from all around The Major played on Kallen's face, one emotion was playing out very nicely in her mind.

That emotion was a very, very strong regret that she had not killed The Major before her ability to ever take him seriously as a threat ever again had been completely and utterly obliterated.
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Re: 2/2

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Kallen, after a short second of continued surprise, nodded politely. "Yes, sir."

Choosing not to ask exactly how many rounds he meant, Kallen turned away, starting to quickly grab glasses and pour beers.

This would probably qualify as the most humiliating and annoying thing Zero would ever ask of her - but the act had to be kept up, until the Black Knights could make their move.
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Desil loved games and gambling was no exception. He had done quite well for himself in the casino car, coming out with a small pouch full of money he didn't come in with. It may have been less than honestly won, but he intended to go spend it on drinks anyway. And that's just what he was here to do. Sitting at the bar, he ordered a shot of fine whiskey and began counting his winnings.
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Did Rip care if anyone recognized her? Not particularly~. She was here to do what she did best, have fun whether it be song and dance or hunting down and murdering anyone that decided to go after her beloved Major.

With that in mind, she was sitting near the bar, clapping and adding her voice into the fray as her glorious leader broke out into song and dance. It was always a treat to see him so excited in times like this~!

Once he was done singing, she moved closer to him to take a seat. She even took up a glass of beer but did not drink. Rip was on duty after all~. Though there was something about some of the crew members that left her on edge... Well, that was why she had various guns and knives hidden under her suit. She would protect her dear Major even if it costs her very existence.
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[Suzaku just sits there on the couch, all while staring out at the sky. He can't believe it, for the first time in his life, he wished that things didn't have to be this way, to steal a precious item from another kingdom was plain suicidal, and yet he did it anyways.

But it was all for the good of Amestris, right? Before long, he'd gain enough power to end Major's and Bradley's reign, and everyone will be happy.

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Re: Restaurant

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One of the waitresses might seem...actually not at all familiar if you're not one of the people she let know in advance. Chizuko's short black hair has been replaced by blonde pigtails. She scurries quickly from order to order, a small and unassuming servant.
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There was, of course, no one named "Batman" on the train's list of passengers. The very idea is preposterous.
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The problem with having the Black Knights enter the train disguised in casual clothing is that Lelouch Lamperouge can take no such measures. Informing them to not enter the passenger rooms before a set time, he has ensured that no one from his organization will know his student persona is inside. His forged identification allows him to have boarded under a pseudonym, so there's no risk in them seeing the passenger list either.

When certain nobody is nearby, he makes use of a radio communicator to verify the status of his troops, giving his suitcase a brief glance now and then.
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The king's own is much more luxurious than the others which honestly made little sense to Arturia. She's never been one for frivolous belongings, so to have it decorated in such a way makes her feel just a bit more uncomfortable than usual.

Perhaps Irisviel would enjoy it enough for the both of them.
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After the compartment door closes:

"This is a very nice room you have... you highness." The shadow of one gilded bit or bob murmurs in Midna's voice. The shade uncurls to reveal her and she stands up fully.

"I won't be long, I was just exploring and your shadow seemed as good as any."
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At least Midna made her appearance before she spoke a word to Irisviel, the King calm despite the sudden "intrusion". She shows no surprise in her reveal as she walks towards one of the windows, peeking through the closed curtains.

"What do you think of the situation?" Arturia asks in a quiet voice. "Do you think we hold the advantage?"
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She crosses her arms, leaning on a narrow outcropping next to the bunks.

"We hold the element of surprise, at least. You may cause the Major and his lieutenants to take notice, since it's hard to ignore the fact that the King of Britain is here just after he had pilfered something from your treasury. However, we can even use that to our advantage if we're smart about it."
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"As far as he knows, I am just enjoying the luxury of a trip. Kings are known for doing things of this nature, are they not?"

Any king save for her in all honesty. Her reputation has already been built on fighting wars and being on the field of battle.

"How do you think we should go about it?"
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"We'll have to do this while their attention is diverted elsewhere. Perhaps during that awful play he has planned... Hm, but that will only keep the Major's attention, not the guards'...

"You're skilled with a sword, right? Mmhmn, well one thing I'm sure you've noticed, is that all men love to watch a woman with some fight to her.

"Challenge one of the higher-ranking bodyguards. Swordplay would be best but seeing as room is limited, perhaps at the gambling tables... this will preoccupy the guards and soldiers because the KING is deeming to mingle with them; they'll be calling everyone else in to watch! It will also give the Major the mistaken notion that he can glean information from you while you're preoccupied; he won't be able to resist.

"Meanwhile, Batman and I will begin searching the cargo cars. With the guards gone it can't take more than an hour. If it isn't in the cargo car... we'll have to move to the personal quarters."
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This was a respectable enough plan. Besides, no man could resist the allure of the Golden Sword of Promised Victory she carried with her. If she was to challenge someone, as the King of Knights, then defeating her would be a temptation that would be difficult to resist.

"I understand." It was easy to figure out. "Should the gambling fail to work, then I shall take it to the next level. While holding one's attention is not my strength, I have learned a thing or two from my cousin."
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Yes, just give the Britains the excuse to wave their swords around and one can watch their comprehension skyrocket...

"Good. Thank you, your highness. Should all go well, I'll be one step closer to fixing my father's mistake..."