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The Eve of War

Who: Char, his (NPC) officers, and Avshar
What: A plan enters its final stages
When: Late at night the day before Zeon, Sawa, and Amestris go to war
Where: Zeon's capital
Warnings: Violence, death, ham

In his inner sanctum at Sweetwater, Char is meeting with those of his officers he hasn't already dispatched into the field. The room is the chaos that results from many Very Important People all having Very Important Things to say, a hubbub of frantic activity and organization to make the upcoming death and destruction on the mainland as quick and painless (for Our Side) as possible.

In the center of the storm is Char Aznable talking to a technical aide, who has handed him a curious new machine.

"It's the prototype of the repeating pistol you ordered, your highness. Rifled barrel, rotating chamber that takes cartridged bullets, single-action hammer. Just point and shoot, and it's all the power of a rifle in one hand. This one's got a mahogany handle since it's a gift for your highness."

Char hefts the silvery weapon, feeling its weight, opening and closing the curious chamber. "Bit heavy, but a damn sight better than our old flintlocks." He sights down the barrel at the ceiling, then lowers it. "I want five thousand, distributed as soon as possible."

"Er...five thousand, sire?"

"Yes, five thousand," Char snaps. "Throw gold at every machinist you can find until we get that number. I want to have at least as many of these as Amestris inevitably will, and preferably sooner.

"I' what I can, your highness, but mass-producing new technology like that--"

"--is how wars are won. No one ever defeated the enemy with just a sample piece." Char sighs. "Do what you can; I'm going to hang onto this gift."

The aide bows and scurries off and Char turns to address his officers......

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