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Better War Council

Who: All military officers and specialists of Zeon. Mitsunari Ishida, Light Yagami and their guests are also invited
Where: Char's receiving room in Sweetwater
What: Also a war council
When: Probably the exact same time as Amestris's.

Char sends a short written message over Crystal to all of his retainers, including his sister and Georik Zaberisk despite them not holding military rank, to meet in the capital. He sends a slightly more polite message to the new King of Sawa and his assistant asking them to attend and bring anyone they felt should be brought with them for a summit.

Once everyone arrives, Char has his guards lock the door and begin magically monitoring for any eavesdroppers, to the best of the Riftguard's ability. He begins almost abruptly as soon as he's sure everyone's listening.

"The largest concern we have right now is Amestris. Without the need to hold back, they'll strike out as quickly as they can to increase their territory, if not seize the throne by force," Char begins, looking notably at whatever Sawan representatives arrive. "They're likely to simply annex Sawa, perceiving them as militarily weak. Our forces in Chaodan led by General Chere and Colonel Zala will stop them, whatever the cost."

He turns to his own people. "As of right now, the Kingdom of Sawa and King Mitsunari are our allies, tied to us as much now as they will be by blood soon. We will support them in any way possible, and work out our standing in the Empire once we've worked out who's going to succeed Terenas."

"As for the rest of you...Lord Branth├Ęse, I want you supporting the army in Chaodan. I think you'll work well with Celes and Athrun. This isn't technically Riftguard work, but if you can track down Millennium and give them a bloody nose we can claim it is," Char says with a meaningful look.

"Suo, I'm attaching you to the Shinsengumi for now. The three of you," he says, indicating the ranking officers present, "will be in charge of defending the islands against any incursions. Right now, that means working with the navy and wiping out any warships not flying a Zeon or Sawan flag on this side of the continent. Admiral Nanai will lead a task force in the Rewloola, which you can use to get around if you don't feel like getting wet. Oh, and kill any opportunistic Riftspawn you see. Sara, Georik, you're not commanders so I'll send you wherever I feel you're needed. Maybe a battlefield, maybe the Roman, British, or Nameless Courts. We'll wait and see there."

He leans forward, putting his hands on the large table that forms the center of the room. "This is going to be all-out war, ladies and gentlemen. It's not going to be pretty, but it's going to be necessary. Are there any questions? Objections? Would our Sawan brothers like to speak up on what they know before we go any further?" he asks, standing up straighter and relinquishing the floor.

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